100 Most Disgusting Things on the Planet by Anna Claybourne

By Anna Claybourne

Packed jam-packed with examples of the main disgusting and repulsive issues at the planet.

The revolting and interesting e-book is packed to the brim with disgusting, gross, and repulsive issues absolute to attract readers of every age. The content material is split right into a diversity of different types, from offensive animals, crops, and different creatures to meals, innovations, and naturally, a variety of revolting human physique bits akin to snot, scabs, and earwax. every one web page has a Yuck issue ranking and outline, in addition to photographs and illustrations. Sidebars contain additional gross information and tips.

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S has to Stinky, slimy, and ugly, thi shroom. mu st be the world’s yuckie a starfish Ð or a gory WounD? This fungus is sometimes called the starfish or sea anemone fungus because of its star-like shape and bright colour. Some experts think it looks the way it does to make flies think it’s a rotting wound in the side of an animal’s body – since that’s where some flies like to lay their eggs. hitChing a riDe this disgusting red fungus is found in australia and the Pacific islands, but its spores sometimes escape Ð often in potted plants Ð so it can pop up anywhere in the world.

Three in a row Bedbugs often leave three bites in a nice neat row Ð probably because they have to let go and reattach themselves when you move. these three-bite patterns are sometimes called Ò breakfast, lunch, and dinnerÓ ! dIsgustIng nature 57 Dust Mite You may be able to avoid bedbugs – but you almost certainly do have dust mites in your home and in your bed. In fact, most beds, as well as carpets and sofas, are home to thousands of these tiny, spider-like creatures! They get their name because they feed on dead skin flakes, which are often found in household dust.

If you are in Central or South America, beware of the risk of vampire bats. To protect yourself, keep doors and windows closed at night, or sleep under a mosquito net. A vampire bat licks up a flow of blood from its victim – in this case a chicken. CreePing anD CraWling reVolting raBies raZor-sharP teeth! Check out these fangs! To avoid waking you up and having its meal ruined, a vampire bat will land some distance away, then creep silently towards you, using its folded-up wings as feet. Yikes!

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