3-Minute Horsemanship. 60 Amazingly Achievable Lessons to by Vanessa Bee

By Vanessa Bee

A new e-book specifically written for the time-starved 21st-century horse proprietor! Do you daily make a promise to coach your self and your horse to be higher at anything, but if you get to the barn there simply does not appear to be sufficient time? don't be concerned, what particularly issues is the standard of the learning you do be capable to slot in. it truly is attainable to hold out quality, innovative education with a horse in just 3 mins an afternoon. Educator and horse coach Vanessa Bee's “light bulb second" was once while she learned that if a coaching consultation had a pragmatic target, each horse accomplished the objective in lower than 3 mins. This led her to create strategies acceptable to be used briefly digestible classes that eventually produce major profits briefly periods. This clean new technique bargains 35 floor workouts, 24 ridden routines, and 25 “real international" workouts that may get you out and approximately with a secure, sane, well-trained horse.

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Getting angry around horses never works and always makes things worse. Once you start putting yourself under pressure then the only individual who will suffer is the horse. Yes, your pride may be a little dented, but the horse may carry the emotional scars of your egotistical outburst forever. There is no such thing as failure in horsemanship if you know when to stop. It’s better to have a go at something and not achieve it than it is to do nothing at all because you can learn through these experiences.

Horses Say Yes or No—Never Maybe The Seven Basic Principles of 3-Minute Horsemanship PART ONE: ON THE GROUND Why Work on the Ground When You Can Ride Instead? The 35 Ground Exercises 1. Being Still Around a Horse 2. Measure a Horse’s Personal Space 3. Calculate Your Own Personal Space 4. Shake Hands 5. Get a Horse’s Attention 6. Back Up Away from You 7. Teach Standing Still 8. Back Up a Horse While Beside Him 9. Invite a Horse to Walk Toward You 10. Synchronize Movement 11. Lower the Head 12. Bend the Head Around to the Side 13.

Standing to Be Mounted 9. Crossing Unusual Surfaces 10. “Spook” Busting 11. “Napping”: Refusing to Leave Home or Other Horses 12. Jigging/Jogging on the Way Home 13. Being Safe in Traffic 14. Tying Up a Horse 15. Gaining and Keeping a Horse’s Attention at Shows and Other Places Conclusion Also by the Author Index ACKNOWLEDGMENTS My grateful thanks go to the team at Trafalgar Square Books for their continuing support and encouragement. Thank you to Robert and Jacqueline McCormick of Kyogle, Australia, who started me on my horsemanship journey many years ago.

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