50 Voices of Disbelief. Why We Are Atheists by Russell Blackford

By Russell Blackford

50 Voices of Disbelief: Why we're Atheists presents a set of unique essays drawn from a global staff of fashionable voices within the fields of academia, technological know-how, literature, media and politics who supply rigorously thought of statements of why they're atheists.

  • Features a very foreign solid of members, starting from public intellectuals corresponding to Peter Singer, Susan Blackmore, and A.C. Grayling, novelists, corresponding to Joe Haldeman, and heavyweight philosophers of faith, together with Graham Oppy and Michael Tooley
  • Contributions diversity from rigorous philosophical arguments to hugely own, even whimsical, debts of ways every one of those impressive thinkers have come to reject faith of their lives
  • Likely to have large charm given the present public fascination with non secular matters and the reception of such books as The God Delusion and The finish of Faith

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Hearing the screams upstairs only made me laugh, and I created different séance tricks each week. Sometimes I threw pebbles at the window. On other occasions I would go to the basement to pound the floor of the living-room with a broom handle. ” Reading Matthew 19:26 on that particular Sunday caused me to remember why I found belief in God so ridiculous. When I slammed the Bible shut, I was sitting in a church pew with my high school friend Hopie. Her stepfather, Dr Leath, was the Pastor of Truett Baptist Church in Long Beach, California.

Hopie and I developed the scheme because I wanted to help her to be free of the silly religious dancing restraint. I loved to dance and could not fathom anyone saying that expressive movement of the body is immoral and gasp! dangerous pre-sexual behavior. Hopie was a good dancer too and she was so deserving of exercising her freedom of expression. Attending Truett Baptist Church also helped me fulfill my desire to learn more about religious beliefs. As an adolescent, I sought answers to unanswerable questions.

I loved our discussions. ” He admitted, at that time, that he also identified himself as an atheist. I felt I was in good company. Uncle Floyd died in his sleep when I was 17. We never had the chance to discuss one very important book he had given me, Bertrand Russell’s Why I Am Not a Christian. Each page of that book expressed all my thoughts. It was as if Russell had extracted words out of my brain, organized them, and placed them on a page. Russell’s eloquent way of saying exactly what I had concluded reinforced in me the determination to be proud of my atheist philosophy.

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