501 French Verbs by Christopher Kendris, Ph.D.,Theodore N. Kendris, Ph.D.

By Christopher Kendris, Ph.D.,Theodore N. Kendris, Ph.D.

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Orthographically changing verbs 33 7_3554_02_Introduction 10/20/06 11:19 AM Page 34 (12) This change occurs because that mute e in the stem of the infinitive now becomes pronounced clearly in some verb forms. Examples: Present indicative: j’achète, tu achètes, il (elle, on) achète; ils (elles) achètent. Future: j’achèterai, tu achèteras, il (elle, on) achètera; nous achèterons, vous achèterez, ils (elles) achèteront. Conditional: j’achèterais, tu achèterais, il (elle, on) achèterait; nous achèterions, vous achèteriez, ils (elles) achèteraient.

This is one perfect example to illustrate that learning French verb forms is a cumulative experience because in order to know the seven compound tenses, you must first know the forms of avoir and être in the seven simple tenses. They are verbs 62 and 211 in this book. To know which verbs are conjugated with avoir or être to form the seven compound tenses, see page 6. To understand the uses of the seven simple tenses, see pages 10–16. To understand the uses of the seven compound tenses, see pages 16–20.

Number In English and French grammar, number means singular or plural. Masc. : the boy/le garçon; the arm/le bras; the eye/l’oeil Masc. : the boys/les garçons; the arms/les bras; the eyes/les yeux Fem. : the girl/la jeune fille; the house/la maison; the hen/la poule Fem. : the girls/les jeunes filles; the houses/les maisons; the hens/les poules ordinal number An ordinal number is a number that expresses position in a series, such as first, second, third, and so on. In English and French grammar we talk about 1st person, 2d person, 3d person singular or plural regarding subjects and verbs.

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