51 Puppy Tricks. Step-by-Step Activities to Engage, by Kyra Sundance

By Kyra Sundance

51 dog methods provides dog proprietors the instruments they should educate behaviors and tips to their dog via step by step directions and images. so much different dog education books concentrate on curtailing undesirable habit. a few have education, yet simply the main simple tips. Kyra's curriculum differs from that of one zero one puppy methods in that the directions are geared for the fewer mature puppy. younger pups usually are not but well-tuned to people, and reply greater to a clicker than to a voice. additionally, younger pups have so few abilities that everybody advantages from a method referred to as "shaping" which breaks a habit into minute steps for less complicated studying. And, after all, pups obtain additional light care once we educate, centred extra on instilling a love of studying and a communique pathway instead of attaining the target habit.

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2. Give a treat the instant your puppy performs the correct behavior. 3. If you can’t give a treat at that instant, click your clicker and follow up with a treat. 4. Motivate—use your happy voice. 5. Train in short five-minute sessions. 6. Reward success and ignore the rest. 7. Be consistent. 8. End the session with your puppy wanting more. 9. Be patient—it won’t happen overnight. 10. Be a fun person to be around! Chapter 1: Preliminary Skills “My name is Jadie. ” Start your puppy off right by teaching her the training fundamentals.

TIP! Your puppy trusts you. If you tell him to step on a box, make sure the box won’t fall over, as this could damage trust. 1 Use a treat to lure your puppy up. Pat the box to help coax him. 2 Click once both paws are up. Allow him to have the treat. 3 Next, give the cue without the food lure. Click and reward with a treat from your pocket. TEACH IT: 1 First, teach your puppy the paws up trick (page 48). Kneel in front of the box, with your puppy to your side. Hold a treat in the hand that is closest to your puppy, and hold your clicker in your other hand.

You can also try using a balloon, as it falls more slowly through the air. TIP! If you use a balloon for this trick, clean up the pieces if the balloon pops so that your puppy does not eat them. 1 Get your puppy interested in a plush toy. 2 Toss the toy to your puppy, and click his catch. Follow up with a treat. ” When you puppy tries to catch it, it will bounce off his nose. Yay! You did it! TEACH IT: 1 Kneel on the ground with your right leg outstretched. Placing your toe against a wall will prevent your puppy from going around your leg.

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