A House Rabbit Primer: Understanding and Caring for Your by Lucile C Moore

By Lucile C Moore

All features of rabbit deal with either new and skilled puppy rabbit proprietors are mentioned during this instruction manual. distinctive info on the best way to residence, feed, and educate rabbits is supplied, with a complete clinical part on making a first reduction package, diagnosing varied rabbit illnesses, and giving emergency care. Rabbits make up one of many fastest-growing segments of the puppy inhabitants, and with extra puppy vendors making a choice on to maintain their rabbits interior complete time, this consultant lays out functional details for making rabbits a fit a part of any relations.

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Giant Angora: 81 ⁄ 2 to 91 ⁄ 2 pounds. These rabbits are white with ruby eyes. Compact and rounded with long wool on entire body, including tail, feet, and upright ears. This rabbit has the most wool of any, because of a dense undercoat. It requires extensive daily grooming and a special high-protein diet. Harlequin: seven to 91 ⁄ 2 pounds. This striking rabbit originated in France. The body is banded with two colors, and the head is also two colors. It has a medium-length 31 a house rabbit primer body with rounded hindquarters, a rounded head, and long, upright ears.

Curiosity The inquisitiveness of rabbits makes the fabled curiosity of cats look tame! Most rabbits will check out every single thing in their territory every day. In the wild their survival depends upon an intimate knowledge of their environment, and the rabbit in your house is no different. He or she needs to know where the safe places, escape routes, and tasty books are, as well as the 59 a house rabbit primer possible dangers. Any new item in a rabbit’s territory, be it a grocery sack, letter, or piece of furniture, will probably be cautiously and thoroughly investigated (and maybe tasted).

If you live in an area where this is the case, there are some shelters that allow out-of-town or even out-of-state adoptions. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah has many adorable rabbits waiting for a good home, as do many local Rabbit Rescue organizations and shelters (see Appendix I). 38 choosing a rabbit 4-H Clubs Another place to find rabbits is your local 4-H club. Youths taking rabbit projects learn to raise rabbits for show, pet, and commercial purposes, and will often be willing to sell one of their rabbits to someone who will provide a good home.

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