A New Social Atlas of Britain by Daniel Dorling

By Daniel Dorling

A brand new Social Atlas of england Daniel Dorling college of Newcastle Upon Tyne, united kingdom This gorgeous and unique atlas finds in a wholly new method the advanced and unforeseen geographical styles of British society on the finish of the 20 th century. in accordance with the 1991 census and different social info, Dan Dorling makes use of the strong presentation of the inhabitants cartogram to show a very clean view of ways Britain’s humans paintings and reside. the extent of geographical aspect published, drawn utilizing neighborhood govt wards, hasn't ever been tried sooner than in any map venture. An creation advises the reader on the right way to learn the precise maps and explains the need of utilizing inhabitants cartograms which rework the form of the rustic in order that the styles the place most folks dwell (in towns) are made obvious nationally. Over a hundred double-page spreads comprise at the least maps made up from a mosaic of over ten thousand parts every one displaying neighborhood in addition to nationwide distributions. Recurrent styles could be obvious to shape among the geographies of alternative matters because the social cloth of a state is made noticeable. a brand new Social Atlas of england is key studying for college students and researchers in social experiences, human geography, political reviews and special effects, and likewise newshounds and politicians, and all these attracted to present affairs.

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In 1992 the registered British electorate numbered 42 113 792, with an additional 1 125 143 electors registered to vote in Northern Ireland. 33a 23a 57e 21e 07a 21a 21c 54f 21d 54g1 07c 21b 54n 54v 54a1 07b 54w 54p 39d 54d1 54q 54s 54z 39h 39g 54f1 54o 39b 39c 54u 54m 54b1 54e154r 39i 39f 54g 54t 54k 54l 54c1 39e 54h 54y 54j 54x 39j 54e 54b 39a 54c 04b 16b 16a 04a West Midlands 61 61 61 61 61 61 61 61 61 61 61 61 61 61 61 61 61 61 61 23c 31a 12b 12d 12f 45b 58m 58l 58g 58e 58f 17f 58d 58a 58k 58b 17e 58c 12c 12e 17a 17b 17c 58j 17d 17g 09e 09f 58h Scale 58i 09a 09c 09d 09b = 100 000 electors 12a 36i 43b 43a 43c 43d 43f 36p 36h 36l 36j 63p 63l 63v 43g 36b 63o 36g 36k 32c 63h 36f 36a 63u 36d 63d 43e 36c 63m 25f 63b 36e 32a 63n 36n 63q 36m 63i 32b 63t 32h 25c 63r 63c 40l 25e 63s 32i 25m 25x 25c1 63a 36o 63j 52f 25g 32g 63e 63w 25d 25v 40c 52b 63k 32e 25p 63g 25o 52d 25k 25q 40b 52a 40d 32f 63f 25n 25w 52e 52o 40j 25y 40m 25b 52c 52j 32d 25d1 46b 52h 40k 25r 25z 40n 52g 40i 25b1 38b 25j 40e 52n 52k 52i 40o 25i 46e 40f 25s 25l 38e 08i 13b 40a 52m 25t 25a1 46f 40g 38a 52l 40q 13c 25a 46k 40h 25h 13g 08j 38c 46a 40p 13h 25u 08g 46d 27d 08f 13j 13a 08h 10b 46h 38d 53j 08e 53h 08d 46c 46j 13d 08b 42c 53i 46g 38f 08a 42d 10d 53a 13f 08c 53d 46i 53c 10a 27a 37h 13e 06c 37i 53g 42b 42e 53k 37g 10e 53f 27b 06d 42a 53e 13i 42h 53b 37f 61a 10c 42f 37b 61v 61c1 44a 61x 06b 06e 42g 49b 37d 61h 61w 27c 49c 59a 55f 37c 61e1 37e 61f 55a 02c 55b 61e 61d1 61a1 59b 44c 06f 06a 49d 61b1 61y 61j 61c 61m 55d 44f 02b 30d 61r 48b 55e 37a 20l 61n 61q 55c 44d 44e 61z 61b 61k 61l 30g 30b 49a 61o 02d 02a 29g 61p 20j 20h 20c 05e 30i 18b 61t 61s 61d 61i 30a 44b 18d 02e 24a1 59c 20i 20f 30f 30c 29c 59e 24b1 24m 20g 20d 29d 61g 29a 61u 18a 48a 05c 30j 30h 24o1 24y 24o2 20m 47a 24n 24t1 29b 59d 24c3 24e1 18c 22e 29f 29e 05d 30e 24l1 26a 24w2 24b3 20b 20k 47c 05a 26c 60c 41c 41d 24u124y2 24p1 24s1 24h1 24c2 22a 22b 47f 24z2 24m124h 60d 41g 41b 26b 26f 24r1 20a 20n 24w1 22c 24t 47b 24f2 05f 60b 24k124v1 24e2 24p2 47d 24i1 26e 26d 22d 60a 20o 24w 24i 41f 05b 24a 20p 24f 01g 60e 51b 03g 24d3 24q1 47e 20e 24n1 41e 24g2 03f 01e 01c 24g 24x1 24d 64b 24v 03d 51d 24z1 24f3 24c1 03e 41a 51e 24u2 35l 51a 01f 24l 03c 24x 35g 64d 01b 24q2 24g1 24j1 24b 03a 01d 51c 24j 01a 03b 24k2 24b2 24e 35h 35n 56j 24f1 24z 35b 24d1 24l2 24u 01j 01h 64a 24a3 28b 56g 01i 35c 35j 24a2 24n2 28i 24v2 64e 56a 35d 24h2 24i2 24e3 24x2 35e 24c 50d 50b 24r2 64c 28o 28a 24o 35o 35k 24y1 50a 24d2 24q 56k 50c 35f 56d 24s224t2 24m2 24j2 50e 15g 15d 15c 28l 24r 35a 28d 28c 35i 14c 24k 24p 14b 56i 56e 56c 14i 35m 35p 15e 28h 28n 24s 19e 15f 56b 28e 14k 14h 56h 28g 56f 14a 11b 19h 19a 62b 62e 15b 15a 28m 19g 28f 62d 62c 14g 14j 28j 62a 11e 11c 14d 19d 19c 19f 28k 19b 11a 62f 14e 14f 11d 62g 34a 65n 65i xxxii Looking at the Maps in the Atlas MAGENTA Why the Maps Look Strange BLACK Opposite are two pictures; Colour Print A looks familiar while Colour Print B looks strange.

In each ward circle a capital letter identifies its district, a lower case letter identifies its constituency and a number identifies its name on the list opposite for its county. To locate a named ward, find its name on the ward list for the county and read its full code. The capital letter district and lower-case constituency codes can be used to find districts and constituencies as well as to home in on the part of the county containing the ward, before identifying its particular numbered circle.

Inferences and assumptions can be made and it does appear likely that the people and households not represented in the remaining pages of this atlas tend to belong to particular social groups (Simpson et al. 1993). At a detailed geographical level they may follow the pattern of those who have been imputed (shown opposite). 4% sample of the population — fine for most purposes, although ward level mapping relies on particularly accurate data sources. 13). 11: Some Characteristics of Residents Living in Communal Establishments in Britain 1991 MAGENTA Type of Establishment All Residents in Britain communal residents (non-staff) residential home (private) nursing home (private) Local Authority home hospital (NHS — other) defence establishment hotels and boarding houses psychiatric hospital (NHS) schools and colleges other misc.

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