A Sensitive Liberal's Guide to Life by An Uptight Seattleite

By An Uptight Seattleite

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This is particularly tricky on those occasions when your loud-and-clear egalitarian subtext also contains a complaint. Like if your grocery store cashier is practically hurling your food at the baggers. Spiritually aware individuals know that actions carry energy, and that food in particular can easily be imprinted with careless negative energy. But it won’t do to get mad at the cashier for not being a spiritually aware individual. Instead, take a deep breath and reflect on your relative privileges.

The more astute among your recipients may also discern the invisible second part of this gift: the chance to gain a greater appreciation of their own background. ” you can say while looking at the photos over the recipient’s shoulder. “Their eyes—just haunting! ” That’s called reaching out. Here are a couple more examples in exchanges I had with readers on the other side of that privilege gap:Duke. Howard. USC. Michigan Law. Do I care where you went to school? No, I do not. And yet here it comes again, that tasteful font across your sweatshirt, spelling out the name of your university.

CRUD SHUNNER Dear Crud Shunner, If it seems like there’s some kind of test, that’s because there is. You’ve heard of secret shoppers who are hired to check a store’s service? Well, in this city we have secret street people. They’ll note not just overt rudeness, but also the waves of superiority you may emanate while standing at the bus stop like an imperious radio tower. Is that man in the alley ranting at God or relaying a report on your attitude via a Bluetooth device implanted in his skull? You’ll never know.

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