ABC Practical Guide to Dog Training by Steven Appelbaum

By Steven Appelbaum

With the proliferation of titles available in the market this present day, why one other ebook on puppy puppy training?Because most of them sound fantastic, yet do not work! And the canines being educated frequently increase difficulties for this reason.  Frustrated puppy vendors are searhing for sensible, humane solutions -- that offer results.The skilled process inside the ABC functional education consultant has confirmed itself with over 40,000 puppy vendors around the usa and Canada who've came upon their solutions "as easy as ABC."

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2. The first thing to teach your dog is one verbal (command) or audible (clicker) conditioned reinforcer. This conditioned reinforcer will enable you to communicate to the dog that she did something correct and will be rewarded for it. Learning a conditioned reinforcer will help the dog make a strong positive association between the reinforcer and various rewards. Once this is accomplished, the word (or click) and the rewards will become interchangeable for the dog. This will enable you to communicate correct behavior to your dog by simply saying “good” or “yes” or clicking the instant a correct behavior takes place.

Here’s one that’s less obvious. It can’t be OK for your dog to chew fabric toys but not to chew “inappropriate” fabric items. In other words, if you give your dog an old sock and say, “Here, chew this,” don’t be surprised when she eats your shirt. Consistency is a bit easier for singles or couples, and toughest for families. The more people who interact with the dog, the greater the likelihood of inconsistency. I strongly recommend that families conduct a few meetings to discuss and agree upon what will be universally unacceptable behavior on the part of the dog.

When you do this, the dog will understand the value of the word “good” (the conditioned 48 How Your Dog Learns reinforcer). This understanding will be an invaluable tool for future training. Step 1: Get 150 to 200 of the very soft and small food treats your dog likes. Step 2: Begin this exercise only when your dog is hungry. Step 3: Sit down on the sofa in the living room. Make sure there are no distractions for the dog. Put some treats where you can reach them but the dog cannot (maybe up on the back of the sofa behind you).

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