Accounting Database Design by Derek Liew

By Derek Liew

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We will go deeper on this topic when we begin to create reports for Dave, under Chapter 12. Enter the following column names, data type, length and allow null attributes in the Bank Table as follows: Designing Bank Table Under this table, set the Bank_Code_VC as the primary key field. Next we would want to provide Dave an option, to select the mode of transaction under the cash form screen. Dave would want to have three choice of transaction, first, an option to select a debtor account code, that will interface with the Cust_Code_VC field, created in the Customer_Table for collection transaction, second, to select a creditor account code, to interface with the Cred_Code_IN field located under the Creditor Table for effecting the payment transaction, and, thirdly, an option to select account code from the COA Table for each cash transaction purposes.

The system would record this information in this table after updating the Stock_Movement Table. When item A is sold to a customer, the system would then insert a new record in the Stock_Movement Table and will update the balance of item A in Stock_Balance Table simultaneously. For each update in the Stock_Balance Table, the system will first identify the matching product item in the Stock_Balance Table, if it exist, the system would update its quantity and unit price, by replacing its current quantity and unit price, and if, it is a new product item, a new record would then be inserted.

The Installation Wizard will detect any installed version of SQL Server on your desktop. If this is your first installation, the default checkbox will be checked by default. If you have previously installed SQL Server, the default checkbox would be grayed out, and you would have to give an instance name for this current installation. The new instance name must be 16 characters or less and should begin with a letter or other acceptable character. Proceed to our next screen once your have given an instance name.

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