Africa and the War on Terrorism by John Davis

By John Davis

Abject poverty and legit corruption make elements of Africa a truly appealing vacation spot for terrorist firms. possibilities have built throughout the pre-9/11 and submit 11th of September classes in Africa for the recruitment of terrorists, attainment of bases of operations and resources of investment for Al Qaeda or its affiliated terror teams. This complete quantity offers an intensive exam of significant terrorist occasions in Africa and highlights inner and exterior indices to demonstrate why Africa is so ripe for terrorism.

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For the US, it was the first sign that the international security debate was about to shift in unprecedented proportions. A new war was about to begin with a non-state actor with vast international networks and resources. Soon, a similar attack on US soil, in New York and Washington DC—America’s financial and political capitals—confirmed it. The puzzle was now complete. America would need allies in the war on terror from all corners of the world. Kenya and Tanzania had unwittingly been drawn into a new war.

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