African-American Males and the U.S. Justice System of by Floyd Weatherspoon

By Floyd Weatherspoon

African-American men and the U.S. Justice procedure of Marginalization offers an outline of the industrial and social prestige of African-American men in the United States, which keeps to become worse at an alarming price. Weatherspoon posits that during each American institutional process, from delivery to demise, the adventure of African-American men to accomplish racial justice and fairness during this state is overlooked, marginalized, and exploited. the yankee justice process, particularly, has authorized and from time to time sanctioned the marginalization of African-American men as complete electorate. Weatherspoon examines the concept African-American men are disproportionately represented in each element of the legal justice procedure, and that the marginalization of African-American men in the United States has a protracted and treacherous heritage that maintains to negatively effect their fiscal, political, and social prestige.

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0005 Racial Injustice in the Criminal Justice System  The Whren decision sanctions law enforcement officers to stop and question any motorist, ostensibly for an insignificant traffic violation, and subsequently charge them with other serious crimes, even though they have no reasonable cause to suspect the individual was engaged in a felony. It is irrelevant that the officer may have an “ulterior motive” or had “subjective intention” when making the stop. Even though it is difficult to prove, often the real reason for the stop is based on stereotypical biases that an African-American male is engaged in illegal drug activities.

43 African-American male prisoners have been disproportionately impacted by these laws. 44 The State of California used this law to incarcerate more than the other states. S. 48 As a result of the Supreme Court’s decision and with state legislation, California now leads the way in reducing its prison population. 53 As in previous surveys, African-American males, particularly those in their twenties and thirties, are disproportionately incarcerated in local jails. 4 Probation and parole: a revolving door As the number of individuals incarcerated explodes so does the number of individuals on probation and parole.

The mere fact that African-American males are being incarcerated for violating drug laws is not the issue. The concern is that African-American communities are the primary targets of drug enforcement sweeps, and that African-American males are the primary individuals targeted for arrest—normally receiving harsher sentencing for the same or similar offenses committed by whites. 101 In many cases, the immutable characteristic of being a black male is considered a sufficient basis for law enforcement officers to have probable cause to stop African-American male motorists for interrogation.

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