Ajax For Dummies® by Steve Holzner

By Steve Holzner

Ajax is brief for “Asynchronous JavaScript+CSS+DOM+XMLHttpRequest.”

Even in the event you weren’t intimidated ahead of, that tidbit is maybe sufficient to make you succeed in for the Excedrin. simply succeed in for Ajax For Dummies as a substitute. With display pictures, genuine code and factors, and stay sites the place you'll discover Ajax purposes doing their factor, it is going to have you ever utilizing Ajax to create internet functions that glance an act like computer functions very quickly. With Ajax, you could accelerate and freshen up your internet functions. consumers at your on-line shop can fill their carts with no looking forward to a number of web page refreshes. Searchers in your websites can get quick effects at the comparable page.

This advisor takes you on a journey of ways Ajax is used this day, whole with examples of Ajax functions in motion, corresponding to an Ajax-enabled Yahoo! seek or an Ajax-based chat software. Then it offers fundamentals on utilizing JavaScript. After that you just dive in and get details on:

  • Writing a few Ajax, interactive mouseovers utilizing Ajax, passing info to the server with GET or publish, and more
  • Connecting to Google for a dwell search
  • Using loose Ajax frameworks so that you don’t need to begin from scratch, together with Ajax Gold (written in particular for this book), AJAXLib, and grabbing XML with libXmlRequest
  • All different types of Ajax recommendations, akin to utilizing Ajax for drag-and-drop operations, pop-up menus, downloading photos backstage, and more
  • Using SACK (simple AJAX code kit), interpreting XML with Sarissa, and developing visible results with Rico
  • Handling XML int Ajax Applications
  • Working with cascading sort sheets (CCS) in Ajax, together with constructing the kinds, exhibiting a menu, styling textual content, dealing with shades and backgrounds, and more
  • Working with Ajax and PHP

Complete with a significant other site, unfastened Ajax frameworks, and pattern code you should use, Ajax for Dummies is your pleasant consultant to making actually undemanding internet sites!

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and different supplementary fabrics usually are not incorporated as a part of e-book file.

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Delving deeper into JavaScript This chapter doesn’t try to cover all there is to know about JavaScript, but it does cover what you need to know before you turn to the following chapters on Ajax programming. In this chapter, I explain all the JavaScript you need in order to work your way through this book. asp, or take a look at a good JavaScript book, such as JavaScript For Dummies, 4th Edition, by Emily A. ). Enter JavaScript Despite its name, JavaScript has little to do with Java. It all began at Netscape Communications Corporation in 1995 when a developer named Brendan Eich was assigned to the task of making Navigator’s newly added Java support more accessible to non-Java programmers.

Html. Notice that there’s a healthy amount of JavaScript here. As you find out in Chapter 3, you have a number of different ways of making JavaScript do what it has to do. So the code I show in Listing 2-1 is just one way to write it. txt, and here’s all the text it contains: This text was fetched using Ajax. That’s the code for your first Ajax example. ), you have to have a firm grasp on the JavaScript. Many Web developers coming to Ajax for the first time don’t know as much JavaScript as they’re going to need, so the rest of this chapter is dedicated to helping you get that essential JavaScript foundation.

Onabort Occurs when the user aborts an action onblur Occurs when an element loses the input focus onchange Occurs when data in a control, such as a text field, changes onclick Occurs when the user clicks an element ondblclick Occurs when the user double-clicks an element ondragdrop Occurs when the user drags and drops an element onerror Occurs when there’s been a JavaScript error onfocus Occurs when an element gets the focus onkeydown Occurs when the user presses down on a key onkeypress Occurs when the user presses a key onkeyup Occurs when the user releases a key onload Occurs when the page loads onmousedown Occurs when the user presses down a mouse button onmousemove Occurs when the user moves the mouse onmouseout Occurs when the user moves the cursor away from an element onmouseover Occurs when the user moves the cursor over an element onmouseup Occurs when the user releases a mouse button onreset Occurs when the user clicks a Reset button onresize Occurs when the user resizes an element or page onsubmit Occurs when the user clicks a Submit button onunload Occurs when the browser unloads a page and moves to another page Chapter 2: It’s All About JavaScript Putting browser events to work To make any of the browser events in Table 2-1 happen, you need to drop them in a Web page’s HTML.

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