All Thumbs: Mobile Marketing That Works by Michael Dru Kelley (auth.)

By Michael Dru Kelley (auth.)

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The CMO who wanted this mobile effort to begin with was on vacation and thus out of the loop, and the campaign ended before corrective action could be taken to retain the mobile call to action. As a result, we watched the thousands of viewers who took desired action in the initial days dwindle down to just a few dozen after the activation was pulled. All of us have experienced these sorts of internal disagreements, especially when a number of people are involved in the mix. Upon returning from vacation to find out the mobile activation was pulled, the CMO was furious as he was driving the use of mobile to activate.

And, the site did not contain any of the videos that were housed on YouTube. We had to start from scratch and create a whole new mobile site, pulling in a few videos from YouTube, and selecting features from existing websites as well as other newly created content, such as product information and special pricing offers, that were unique to the marketing campaign. I had a series of conference calls with the brand management as well as agency executives who were charged with the television spot creative to get their thoughts on the best way to create mobile activation of the videos.

Mobile is a completely new platform with much territory yet to pioneer, regardless of how small the screen. It is a golden opportunity to gain competitive advantage and, perhaps more importantly, to leverage tried-and-true research to quickly accelerate the future success of mobile marketing. While a partner and management consultant in a major firm for more than 20 years before I started my own company in 2010, I urged my firm to start doing focus groups with consumers on 56 All Thumbs emerging forms of mobile and digital technology and gain their reactions to potential new forms of advertising and marketing.

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