American Institute of Physics Handbook by American Institute of Physics, Dwight E. Gray

By American Institute of Physics, Dwight E. Gray

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2a-25) and (2a-26) that: 1. If the total external force is zero, the linear momentum of the center of mass is constant. 2. If the total external torque about a fixed point, or one moving with velocity of the center of mass, is zero, the moment of momentum about that point is constant. Conservation of Energy. WORK-ENERGY THEOREM. The total work done by the external and internal forces acting on the system is equal to the change in the total kinetic energy of the system (the sum of the kinetic energies of all particles) N \' i 1..

Pressure exerted by column of Hg of stated height at O°C. Dyne. Force necessary to give 1 g mass acceleration of 1 cm/sec 2• Erg. Work done by force of 1 dyne moving a particle a distance of 1 cm. Feet of Water at 4°C. Pressure exerted by column of water of stated height at 4°0. KilowaUhour. Work done in 1 hr at power level or rate of 10 3 watts. Newton. Force necessary to give 1 kg mass acceleration of 1 m/sec 2• Poundal. Force necessary to give lIb mass acceleration of 1 ft/sec 2 • Watt. Rate of doing work, or power expended, in the amount of 107 ergs/sec.

937 X 10' ............ 10' ............ ) 10-1 10' 1. 760 X 10' TABLE 2a-2. if UNITS AND CONVERSION FACTORS, AREA ~ Square centimeter Circular mil Circular mil .......... Square centimeter . ) ........... ) ........... Square kilometer ... Sqmue meter ... Square mile ....... Square millimeter .. , Square yard. 788 X 10 7 l. 296 X 10' Square kilometer l. 590 X 10 6 1 10- 6 .......... 228 X 10- 7 . . . . . . . :oJ TABLE 2a-3. Q UNITS AND CONVERSION FACTORS, VOLUME , Cubic centimeter 1 Cubic centimeter ..

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