An Accidental Manager. Tales From the Corporate Jungle by Roger Collis

By Roger Collis

Pungent, pithy, irreverent, hard-hitting, hilarious, succinct, wittily subversive, enjoyable, compulsive analyzing. those are a few of the epithets used to explain 'An unintended supervisor - stories from the company jungle,' Roger Collis' new publication, distilled from a long time of expertise as a world advertising govt and as a popular newspaper and journal columnist struggling with the nook of road-warriors around the world.

The writer brilliantly captures the absurdities, pretensions and jargon of the enterprise jungle, and may quick have you ever chuckling on the means he unfailingly spots the factitious and the modish. The reader will take pleasure in assembly the solid of characters who come to existence in lots of of the tales: the Chairman; the devious Welshman; Guratsky, the author's putative alta ego; his secretary, the bitch-goddess Helen; Mel Geist; Sammy Kalbfleish; and Stanley Zilch, the crazed soothsayer of the Blue Skies study Institute in damaged Springs, Colorado. The witty,...

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