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The Rails internet framework has taken the software program through typhoon, delivering legions of net builders the facility to create websites speedier and extra successfully than ever ahead of. yet profiting from Rails potential studying a wholly new paradigm, as well as the language Rails is outfitted upon: Ruby. hence, different developer groups have carried out their very own types of Rails, yet outfitted utilizing their most well liked language. For thousands of Java builders, this local framework is Grails, and the Java-centric scripting language its outfitted upon: Groovy.

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For example, try the code from Listing 2-9 in the shell and then in the console. Listing 2-9. Shell/Console Experiment name = "Luke Skywalker" def name = "Darth Vader" println name Running this code from the shell results in Luke Skywalker being printed. Running the code from the console results in Darth Vader being printed. 5 The first instance of name causes a shell variable to be created and assigned the value Luke Skywalker. The second instance of name (def name) causes a local variable to be created and assigned the value Darth Vader.

Figure 2-3. Groovy Console 4. qxd 5/15/08 6:05 PM Page 17 CHAPTER 2 ■ GROOVY BASICS You can start the Groovy Console in a number of ways, depending on your environment and how you installed Groovy. The easiest way is to execute groovyConsole, which is located in the Groovy bin directory. The console provides the ability to create, save, load, and execute classes and scripts. Some of the nice features of the console are undo/redo and the ability to inspect variables. If you have to choose between using the Groovy Shell and the Groovy Console, we recommend the Groovy Console.

Org/JN1035-Maps 20. html 21. each { println it } In line 1, an empty map is created by assigning a property the value [:]. Compare the creation of an empty list to the creation of an empty map. An empty list is created using the value []; an empty map is created using the value [:]. LinkedHashMap. Line 6 illustrates defining a map with multiple entries. When using the square bracket notation, the colon separates the key from the value. Line 6 is [ key1: value1, key2 : value2 ]. Lines 8–16 show several different techniques for accessing the map.

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