Ben Asher's creed. A study of the history of the by Aron Dotan

By Aron Dotan

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The biology of religious behavior: The evolutionary origins of faith and religion

There was a lot contemporary curiosity within the learn of faith from the viewpoint of Darwinian evolution. The Biology of non secular habit: The Evolutionary Origins of religion and faith deals a wide assessment of the subject, written via the world over well-known specialists. as well as its basic specialise in non secular habit, the ebook addresses different very important elements of faith, reminiscent of values, ideals, and feelings as they have an effect on habit.

Autobiography and the psychological study of religious lives (International Series in the Psychology of Religion)

This quantity positions itself at the leading edge of 2 fields in psychology that take pleasure in speedily expanding awareness: either the learn of human lives and a few middle domain names of such lives as faith and spirituality are excessive at the schedule of present examine and educating. Biographies and autobiographies are being approached in new methods and became relevant to the examine of human lives as an item of study and a popular technique for acquiring designated facts approximately subjective human reviews.

The SAGE handbook of the sociology of religion

''Serious social scientists who care approximately making feel of the area can not forget about the truth that spiritual ideals and practices are an enormous a part of this global. Nor can students declare to appreciate faith by way of including a number of variables to their versions, anymore than they can comprehend race, gender, or social type this fashion.

Oh, Your God!: The Evil Idea That Is Religion

This booklet isn't just for atheists yet for antitheists—for those that celebrated the writing of Christopher Hitchens and leave out his voice   Making the provocative statement that the total firm of prepared faith is a specific thing for which the realm and our species may were greater with no, Oh, Your God!

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He had experiences of the immanence of God in all things, which moved him to turn his back on the luxurious life he could have led. Tagore disseminated the views of the movement, gained a large following and initiated services of worship. He compiled the Brahmo Dharma from passages in the Upanishads and established and a forest ashram in Bengal named Shantiniketan – the abode of peace. The movement expanded and spread, but ultimately split in 1866, when the Brahmo Samaj of India was formed. Tagore’s son, Rabindranath, became a Nobel Prize-winning poet.

The apostles, or early followers of Jesus, began worshipping and preaching Jesus as the risen Messiah, the Christ, meaning ‘the Anointed One’. He was seen as the Son of God and his death a sacrificial act on behalf of humanity, For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him may have eternal life. [John 3:16] As the word was spread, notably by St Paul, the movement grew away from Judaism and the Christian Church was established. Accounts of these early days and the life of Jesus were eventually written down as the Gospels within the New Testament as a continuation of the Hebrew Scriptures to make the Bible.

The relationship between experience and religious text is well described by Fr Bede Griffiths, . . there is a mode of experience which transcends both body and soul, an experience of the Spirit, which is not merely rational and so dependent on the senses, but intuitive – a direct insight which comes not from the soul and its faculties but from the Spirit himself, the absolute, which is present in the ground of the soul of everyman and reveals itself to those who seek him. Yet when we begin to speak 21 Religious and Spiritual Experience of that experience, we have once more to use the language of sense and reason, and the reality of that which we have experienced can never properly be expressed.

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