Benthic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy of the South Caribbean by H. M. Bolli, J.-P. Beckmann, J. B. Saunders

By H. M. Bolli, J.-P. Beckmann, J. B. Saunders

This booklet provides an important facts set for benthic foraminifera present in the vintage southern Caribbean sector. It assembles information on one thousand of crucial species for the time span Cretaceous to Miocene (120 to ten million years prior to present). Age levels are put in the framework of these used for planktic foraminifera present in Plankton Stratigraphy (Bolli et al., CUP, 1985). The taxa were mentioned up to now generically, and in lots of circumstances new comparisons between species were made--the overdue Cretaceous and Early Paleogene are rather designated. this data, including unique illustrations, will allow the taxa for use stratigraphically.

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Although at present the environmental consequences of such displacements may not be apparent, it can be supposed that during geologically long time periods directional movements of large blocks of the earth's crust should have led to considerable changes in the habitat conditions. Modem tectonic motions also give rise to stresses and deformations in geological formations. If the long-term strength limit of the rocks is INFLUENCE OF MODERN GEOLOGICAL PROCESSES 17 exceeded, new dislocations form and the release of accumulated elastic energy is accompanied by an earthquake.

Due to the above-stated, the necessity appears to create a special apparatus of scientific research using both the methods and technology of modem geological science, physics, chemistry, and the techniques of solving the problems of the medical-biological cycle. It is obvious that in this case it will be required to form teams consisting of specialists of different disciplines, but working on the same scientific problem "Regularities of the interaction between ecosystems and the geological environment - mechanisms of modifications and evolution, intensities, rates".

Positioned between marine and terrestrial environments, estuaries are zones of sediment transfer between fluvial and marine systems and often form sinks for sediment from both their hinterland and adjacent coastal zone. Such sediment may vary greatly in grain size, mineralogy and chemistry, and there is also the possibility that parts of the estuary will be dominated by bedrock. These factors, together with salinity, tidal and turbidity regimes, all may play a part in determining the type of organism and hence community, capable of colonizing different parts of the estuary.

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