Beyond the Abortion Wars: A Way Forward for a New Generation by Charles C. Camosy

By Charles C. Camosy

The abortion debate within the usa is burdened. Ratings-driven media insurance highlights severe perspectives and creates the semblance that we're caught in a hopeless stalemate. during this publication Charles Camosy argues that our polarized public discourse hides the truth that such a lot american citizens truly agree at the significant matters at stake in abortion morality and law.

Unpacking the complexity of the abortion factor, Camosy indicates that putting oneself on each side of the common polarizations -- pro-life vs. pro-choice, liberal vs. conservative, Democrat vs. Republican -- simply serves to additional confuse the talk and boundaries our skill to have fruitful discussion. Camosy then proposes a brand new public coverage that he believes is in keeping with the ideals of the wide majority of usa citizens and supported through the simplest principles and arguments approximately abortion from either secular and non secular resources.

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Is Singer right to say that what many value in the fetus is not her humanity but rather her having certain traits? I think he’s on to something. Once human beings develop these traits, many believe that their moral status increases. Fetuses who can feel pain are worth more than those who cannot; fetuses who can engage in relationships are worth more than those who cannot; fetuses who are rational and self-aware are worth more than those who are not. And so on. But while Singer is right that many people think this way about the fetus, almost no one is willing to be consistent and apply his or her view to other beings.

Or someone who is capable of creating and appreciating art. Or someone who can love God and neighbor. This potential, I would argue, is why both prenatal children and newborn infants are persons. Does invoking “potential” mean that we’ve solved the problem of the moral status of the fetus and can now pack up and move on to the next chapter? Not at all. Do we really want to say that all potential persons should count as full persons like you and me? It looks as though what he destroyed had the potential to be a person.

They feel, see, and hear. Particularly with the increasing study of twins, we are learning even more about the kinds of interactions fetuses are capable of. Researchers at the University of Padova, for instance, found that by week fourteen prenatal twins start reaching for and touching the other one — even more often than they touch themselves. The study found that they even used distinct gestures when reaching for their twin. Especially with the development of new social media and other technologies, the human reality of the prenatal child is more present to us than ever before.

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