Black Masculinity in the Obama Era: Outliers of Society by William T. Hoston (auth.)

By William T. Hoston (auth.)

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Thomas-Gunner (1993), in their study of the effect of rap lyrics on the attitudes of Black college students, found that Black males “agreed that rap [music] accurately reflects at least some of the reality of gender relations between black males and females” (58). Males who preferred listening to songs that contained misogynistic messages had significantly more rape-prone attitudes. In many ways rap music affirms the gender oppression that has haunted Black women since slavery. As female activist Angela Y.

One participant, Kyren, Railroad Conductor, 35, explains, “Dudes use ‘nigga’ and ‘real nigga’ as slang. ” His retort begs the question even more intensely, what does it mean to be a “real nigga” in America? ” Ashton, Student, 19: Real nigga—Is someone who can hold their own; mentally, physically and financially. It is someone who makes themselves and the people around them better. Cameron, Student, 21: Real nigga—A person that is true to his word. He keeps it 100 [%]. A nigga that is loyal and committed to his niggas.

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