Body’s Battles by Bal Phondke

By Bal Phondke

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Certain arganisms cannat be grawn in the labaratary in adequate numbers. find milder genetic cousins cannot make much heJdv,'ay. Some like the HIV that inflicts the curse of AIDS, attack the very defence machinery. They selectively kill the TI-I-cells. 38 BODY'S BATILES Biotechnologists, however, are alive to this problem. They are constantly devising new methods to meet the challenge posed by these wily invaders. Consequently, trials are going on at present to test candidate vaccines that will help in dispelling the threat posed by malaria, leprosy, hepatitis - B Cunning microbial enemies keep changing their antigenic identity WARGAMES 39 a type of jaundice, even AIDS.

It has now been more aptly named, as hypersensitivity. Allergic response is usually characterized by swelling, redness and itching The mechanism by which this excessi ve response develops has' also been discovered. On being alerted by the Twcells about an invasion by enemy microbes the B-cells start massive production of the antibody missiles. There are five different types of these missiles. The antibody is made up of a globular protein. Since it plays such an important role in the immune response, this group of proteins is known as immunoglobulins.

Their caunter-affensive lacks-punch; There are many reasans far this apparent failure. In same cases the precise identity af the culprit arganism has nat yet been established. In athers, the inimical arganism em plays a very clever manaeuvre. It keeps changing its antigenic cap frequently. generate highly specific memary against this arganism because the chemical identity tag keeps varying. Certain arganisms cannat be grawn in the labaratary in adequate numbers. find milder genetic cousins cannot make much heJdv,'ay.

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