Catalogue of the Smaller Arachnid Orders of the World: by Mark S Harvey

By Mark S Harvey

Incorporates a important precis of bibliographic details, allowing readers to entry the global literature for those smaller orders.

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L. Koch): Kraepelin, 1895: 39 (in part). L. Koch): Kraepelin, 1899: 245–246 (in part). Admetus longicornis (Butler): Werner, 1935: 474. Type locality: Georgetown (as Démérara), Demerara-Mahaica, Guyana. Distribution: Guyana, Venezuela. Type locality: Belém (as Pará), Pará, Brazil. Distribution: Brazil (Amapá, Amazonas, Distrito Fédéral, Pará), French Guiana. Heterophrynus elaphus Pocock Heterophrynus elaphus Pocock, 1903: 220–222; Mello-Leitão, 1931: 49; Mello-Leitão and Feio, 1949: 318; Roewer, 1952a: 37; Roewer, 1956: 430; Roewer, 1957: 68; Weygoldt, 1972d: fig.

Distribution: Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guyana, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela. Type locality: Providence Cave, Montego Bay, Parish of St James, Jamaica. Distribution: Jamaica. Phrynus goesii Thorell Phrynus goesii Thorell, 1889: 530–533 (as Phrynus goësii); Weidner, 1959: 142; Quintero, 1981: 134–135, figs 42–46, 48, 115, 131, 133–134, 173, map 2; Weygoldt, 1994: 245 (as Phrynus groesii [sic]); Ávila Calvo and Armas, 1997: 32; Armas, 1999b: 29. Tarantula pallasii (Blanchard): Pocock, 1894b: 533–534, figs 3, 3a (misidentification); Pocock, 1894c: 278 (misidentification).

7a; MelloLeitão, 1931: 53; Werner, 1935: 470; Fage, 1954: 182 (as Paracharon coecus [sic]); CloudsleyThompson, 1968: 156; Delle Cave, 1986: 158; Quintero, 1986: fig. 3; Weygoldt, 1994: 242; Weygoldt, 1996a: figs 1, 21, 34, 39; Weygoldt, 1999c 105, fig. 1; Weygoldt, 2000a: 23, figs 14, 40–42, 103, 185; Weygoldt, 2000b: 340, 346, fig. 2. Type locality: Cassett’s Pit, near Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada (Carboniferous). A. (Illinois) (Upper Carboniferous). † Genus Sorellophrynus Harvey Protophrynus Petrunkevitch, 1913: 69 [junior homonym of Protophrynus Pomel, 1853 (Amphibia)]; Werner, 1935: 463; Petrunkevitch, 1949: 273; Petrunkevitch, 1953: 100; Petrunkevitch, 1955: 128.

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