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  • House cat : how to keep your indoor cat sane and sound by Christine Church

    By Christine Church

    Indoor cats usually are not disadvantaged. . .

    . . . actually, conserving your cat interior can upload ten or extra years to his existence. this is the way to upload caliber to these years. besides the inside track on muddle containers, making a cat-safe domestic, and attaining a truce among cat and sofa, this up to date variation provides the most recent on foodstuff for indoor cats, new vaccines and drugs, dealing with tom cat feelings, and different necessities that make existence extra worthwhile for you and your cat.
    * support an outside kitty develop into a contented residence cat
    * notice leading edge new cat-care items and ratings of on-line resources
    * find out about new remedies and medicinal drugs for universal illnesses
    * Take the trauma out of commute (yes, you could educate a cat to stroll on a leash)
    * tips to supply uncomplicated nursing care and primary aid

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  • Encyclopedia of Turtles by Dr. Peter C. H. Pritchard

    By Dr. Peter C. H. Pritchard

    Монументальная работа, описание всех видов черепах, включая классификацию, анатомию, эволюцию, охрану и содержание в неволе.
    150 цветных фотографий, более a hundred twenty five черно-белых фотографий, содержит поясняющие рисунки и наброски.

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  • The Companion Species Manifesto: Dogs, People, and by Donna Haraway, Matthew Begelke

    By Donna Haraway, Matthew Begelke

    The spouse Species Manifesto is set the implosion of nature and tradition within the joint lives of canines and folks, who're bonded in "significant otherness." In all their historic complexity, Donna Haraway tells us, canine subject. they aren't simply surrogates for concept, she says; they aren't the following simply to imagine with. Neither are they simply an alibi for different issues; canine are fleshly material-semiotic presences within the physique of technoscience. they're the following to stay with. companions within the crime of human evolution, they're within the backyard from the get-go, wily as Coyote. This pamphlet is Haraway's resolution to her personal Cyborg Manifesto, the place the slogan for dwelling at the fringe of worldwide conflict should be not only "cyborgs for earthly survival" but in addition, in a extra doggish idiom, "shut up and train."

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  • The Laboratory Hamster and Gerbil by Karl J. Field

    By Karl J. Field

    The Laboratory Hamster and Gerbil info easy details and customary systems for people acting learn with hamsters and gerbils. It contains tasks of animal facility administration, animal husbandry, regulatory compliance, and technical strategies and assists within the humane care and use of hamsters and gerbils within the laboratory. It offers quickly, easy-to-use info for investigators, technicians, and animal caretakers and comprises references to replacement systems and strategies. The ebook additionally bargains attainable resources and providers of animals, feed, sanitation provides, cages, and examine and veterinary provides.

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  • The Reef Aquarium Vol. 2 by J.Charles Delbeek, Julian Sprung

    By J.Charles Delbeek, Julian Sprung

    Этот двухтомник целиком и полностью посвящен созданию и поддержанию рифовых систем. В нем вы не найдете описания видов рыб, их кормления и т.д. Здесь описываются исключительно беспозоночные - рифообразующие и мягкие кораллы, моллюски, зоантиды, анемоны, губки и т.д. В книге очень много текста. Вы найдете разделы по химии, проверке качества воды, освещению, дизайну, болезням беспозвоночных, описание конкретных видов и особенности их покупки, сбору и транспортировки.

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  • The rabbit-raising problem solver : your questions answered by Karen Patry

    By Karen Patry

    Whereas rabbits are famous for being lovely and fuzzy creatures, they could even be very tough to deal with. even if you’re an skilled rabbit farmer or development your first hutch for a puppy bunny, The Rabbit-Raising challenge Solver has solutions to your whole so much urgent questions. In a convenient question-and-answer layout Karen Patry expertly addresses each element of rabbit care, together with housing, feeding, breeding, kindling, wellbeing and fitness, and behaviour. This informative, easy-to-use consultant has trustworthy, humane ideas that might hold your animals fit and satisfied. В то время как кролики хорошо известны как милые и пушистые существа, за ними может быть очень трудно ухаживать. Являетесь ли вы опытным кролиководом или строите свою первую клетку, Книга ответит на все ваши наиболее актуальные вопросы. В удобном формате вопрос-ответ Карен Пэтри умело обращается с каждым аспектом ухода за кроликами, в том числе жилье, кормление, разведение, породы, здоровье и поведение. Это информативное, простое в использовании руководство имеет надежные, гуманные решения, которые будут держать животных здоровыми и счастливыми.

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  • What Your Horse Wants You to Know: What Horses' ""Bad"" by Gincy Self Bucklin

    By Gincy Self Bucklin

    Listen to and converse together with your horse-successfully

    ""This is a booklet for everybody who has ever checked out the always expanding checklist of equipment and structures advertised as 'horsemanship' and puzzled which of the various attainable techniques will be most fitted for a selected habit challenge. Gincy Bucklin has distilled her decades of expertise with horses and riders right into a very invaluable, step by step, hands-on e-book. Bucklin's writing is delicate and simple to learn, and irrespective of the place you open this ebook, you will find that her deep admire and affection for either equines and people shines through.""
    -Dr. Jessica Jahiel, writer of driving for the remainder of Us

    ""Gincy Bucklin makes use of her decades-long adventure with horses to respond to that almost all commonly asked query: 'Why did my horse do that?' and he or she comes up with inventive ideas that weave jointly conventional horse dealing with with the simplest of contemporary horse education, together with my very own own favourite, clicker training.""
    -Alexandra Kurland, writer of Clicker education on your Horse and the clicking That Teaches video lesson series

    It takes time for a horse to benefit every little thing we need him to grasp. If we are not making our intentions transparent to him in ways in which he can comprehend, or if we do not hearken to what he desires, difficulties can result. that includes easy-to-follow, step by step recommendation, What Your Horse desires You to understand finds the way to converse successfully along with your horse to create an environment of mutual cooperation.

    What Your Horse desires You to grasp makes a speciality of bettering your horse's habit at the floor, so that you can boost courting and communications abilities with no the tougher difficulties that come up as soon as you are on his back.
    * Use all your physique to speak together with your horse
    * convey your horse that you just recognize his wishes and feelings
    * wait and see and in keeping with your horse whereas having fun
    * comprehend your horse's fears and triumph over them
    * reply accurately to physiological or dietary problems
    * Use compliment to make your horse consider convinced and successful

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