Cats by Ben H Winters

By Ben H Winters

The final word survival consultant for facing all issues tom cat, from hairballs and clutter field malfunctions to catnip overdoses, apathy, and bossiness

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Demonstrate affection and reward positive behavior with vigorous petting, catnip sessions, or a favorite toy. J Place food at the top of the stairs. When your cat falls asleep after eating, move the food to the bottom of the stairs, 53. Health and Hairballs so she must take the stairs again for the next meal. J Dangle a catnip-stuffed toy just above your cat’s head. When she leaps up to paw it, jerk it away, causing your cat to jump repeatedly in attempts to play with the toy. J Attach a cat toy by a string from the back of your belt.

Health and Hairballs Move your cat’s food to the top or bottom of the stairs. 52. Chapter 2: The Purr-fect Storm J Give your cat a balanced diet. Feed your cat 75 percent canned wet foods and 25 percent low-calorie dry foods. Wet foods are higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates than dry foods, better approximating the in-the-wild cat diet of mice, birds, and rabbits. J Encourage your cat to eat natural prey. Support your outdoor cat’s pursuit of birds and mice, which are high in protein. Chasing such animals is also good exercise.

Dangers associated with obesity in cats include diabetes, heart failure, and kidney failure. • Cats are natural meat eaters and cannot thrive on a vegetarian diet. 54. Chapter 2: The Purr-fect Storm A lt e r n at e U s e s f o r U n u s e d K it t y L it ter To eliminate unwanted odors: • Leave two tablespoons in an open bowl in the back of the refrigerator. • Sprinkle a handful in the bottom of a kitchen trashcan or diaper pail. • Place a handful in an ashtray. For traction: • Sprinkle under tire wheels when stuck in snow or mud.

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