Cats, Cats, Cats! by Leslea Newman

By Leslea Newman

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CONFIDENT HANDLING A visit to the vet does not have to be a fearful experience for your dog. Vets can put it at ease with a few hugs, a soothing voice, and reassuring body language. 61 Your Dog’s Health CARING FOR A PREGNANT DOG Dog pregnancies last about two months and become visible just after the halfway mark. If your dog is expecting puppies, she will need extra attention in terms of health care, diet, and exercise. Ask your vet to examine your dog and confirm that she is healthy and free of parasites.

HAND STRIPPING TOPCOAT GROOMING The quickest way to hand strip is to use a hand-stripping knife. This removes the coarse topcoat from wire-haired breeds. In this grooming method, hair is plucked from the root using a special tool. Most commonly, hand stripping is employed for certain wire-haired breeds, such as Border Terriers. The best time for hand stripping—and most comfortable for the dog—is when its coat is naturally shedding. As with clipping, ask a groomer for advice on hand stripping before doing it yourself.

ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS Check that any kennels have the right licenses, will stick to your feeding schedules, will handle and exercise your dog, and can offer access to 24-hour veterinary care. USING DOG SITTERS Most people prefer to leave their dog in the care of friends or family. The best scenario is for your dog to move into that person’s home rather than to leave the dog alone in yours. To help ensure this works smoothly, visit the vacation home several times in advance, so your dog knows the place and people involved.

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