Cats in May by Doreen Tovey

By Doreen Tovey

All our animals confirmed their independence at a dishearteningly early age.' The Toveys try to quiet down to a quiet existence within the kingdom. regrettably for them, despite the fact that, their tyrannical Siamese cats produce other rules. From inflicting an uproar at the BBC to staying out all evening and claiming to were abducted, Sheba and Solomon's outrageous behaviour leaves the Toveys at their wits finish. in the meantime Doreen has to cope with her husband's disastrous talents as a handyman, and a squirrel that chews the buttons off all his fits. either human and animal characters come to lifestyles at the web page, together with Sidney the problem-prone gardener and Blondin the brandy-swilling squirrel. This witty and fashionable story could have animal-lovers guffawing to the final web page.

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There being a limit to what we’d do for Sidney, he had to make his own way back. There was one night, alas, when he didn’t even get there. ’ and driven off. She was deaf, so the fact that Sidney hadn’t answered didn’t register. indd 60 15/03/2006 16:49:55 Sidney Has Problems was missing. Given her a terrible fright, she said it had, imagining poor Sidney having fallen out en route, which was nothing to what it gave Sidney when he imagined Mag waiting by the Baxton turnpike, him not turning up, and – at this point in his ruminations the mower went straight into the paeonies – her perhaps going off with some other chap.

There was no need to enquire which of us Blondin belonged to at that moment. He was all mine. He was always mine when he did anything wrong. The time he upset a bottle of ink, for instance, paddled in it and then left a Chaplinesque little trail over a shirt that had just been ironed – he was mine then all right. It was a wonder he and I weren’t sent to the Zoo together. He was mine, too, the day Charles locked the wardrobe to keep him off his suits and Blondin, equally determined to get back in again, chewed a large chunk out of the door.

It was quite untrue, of course. My grandmother thought Charles was wonderful. If she’d been there at that moment she’d probably have been under the car herself, button boots and all, holding the candle with him. I remember the time, before we were married, when he called for me one night in the pouring rain with a hole in the roof of his sports car right over the passenger seat, and the hole itself stuffed with a Financial Times. There he was, dressed to kill in plus fours, diamondchecked golf stockings and a white racing helmet.

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