Chicken soup for the cat & dog lover's soul: celebrating by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Visit Amazon's Carol

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Bird Soup for the puppy Lover's Soul spoke on to the hearts of all readers whose lives have ever been replaced by means of the affection of a puppy. Now the coauthors convey readers this quantity, honoring the original and enduring love that individuals proportion with their cats and canine.

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As Agnes ate her cake and visited with her many guests, she stroked the now-grizzled head resting in her lap and frequently returned the old dog’s devoted gaze. Finding each other had transformed their lives, as well as the lives of others through Golden Outreach—a program born of the love between one elderly lady and a gentle dog. ” The message went out by radio and newspapers to citizens of England in July 1942 at the height of the Allied struggle with Germany during World War II. “The British War Office needs strong, intelligent dogs to be trained for guard and patrol duty, rescue work, as messengers and mine detectors,” the message continued.

I was out on my rounds as usual. I can’t remember when I haven’t had to work on Christmas Day because the animals have never got around to recognizing it as a holiday; but with the passage of the years the vague resentment I used to feel has been replaced by philosophical acceptance. After all, as I tramped around the hillside barns in the frosty air I was working up a better appetite for my turkey than all the millions lying in bed or slumped by the fire; and this was aided by the innumerable aperitifs I received from the hospitable farmers.

Beverly Merson, for her constant encouragement and valuable assistance, as well as her empathy and charm; Bryan Aubrey, an impeccable editor and brilliant mind. Your feedback was useful beyond measure and your assistance made the whole thing fun as well. Well done, old chap; Cindy Jevne Buck, a great collaborator, whose thoughtful and deft editing was greatly appreciated; Betsy Hinchman, a mega-animal-lover and dear friend, for much-needed input and help with story selection and editing; Teresa Williams, Natalie Cleeton and Ruthie Hutchings for superb editing work; Karie Hansen, Carol’s office angel, for her important assistance with everything and Craig Herndon, our trusty computer whiz; Jim Rubis, for going the extra mile; the Fairfield Printing crew for their professional friendly service; Sherry, Tom and all the other kind faces at the post office.

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