Christian No More: On Leaving Christianity, Debunking by Jeffrey Mark

By Jeffrey Mark

Related book... new hide layout. ***Also to be had on Kindle! seek the Kindle shop for the identify Christian No More.*** This ebook is for everybody: Atheists will locate first-class arguments to assist them guard their positions; Agnostics will take pleasure in the explanation it brings; Christians who're suffering will locate this e-book a superb assist in breaking loose from their shackles as they study precisely why there is no real way Christianity is correct and why they do not have to fret ever back. The Bible says that the world's languages started with the Tower of Babel. this present day we all know larger. yet how may perhaps the Bible include tales that are not real? writer Jeffrey Mark used to be a religious Christian all through his lifestyles until eventually, in the course of his early 30s, he started learning the Bible extra heavily than he ever had. and that is while he made the aggravating recognition that such a lot of tales have been easily unfaithful. For him, this cognizance begun with the Tower of Babel. that during flip introduced a chain of occasions that at last led him to desert his long-held ideals. cross into the brain of a former Christian. comprehend why he believed what he did, why it was once so challenging to permit cross, and why, after realizing the reality concerning the Bible, he eventually had no selection yet to prevent believing. commute with him as you spot how Christianity and Judaism rehash older ideals that experience lengthy been written off as legendary. learn how the Bible in its unique shape said a number of gods developing the Earth, and the way the dearly-held ideals of cutting-edge Christians endure no resemblance to the Bible's tales of their unique shape. As you're taking a trip into cause and the medical technique, discover why there's easily no real way Christianity's teachings could be precise, and why we are living in a universe that's guided through science--not by way of a god and his legendary son who rose from the lifeless.

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But one thing was clear to me: The Bible’s truths came first and foremost. I was not to question it. Somehow, science had to fit with the Bible. If I studied science more and more, I would come to the conclusions that were laid out in the Bible. Right? At least that’s what I thought at the time. Consider that point for a moment, as it’s of vital importance to understanding the mindset of today’s proponents of Creationism and its sister-idea, Intelligent Design: The science must point to the facts laid out in the Bible.

We need to move up in our positions at work if we want to maintain a decent lifestyle. Yet that in itself could be construed as greed, which is, again, a sin. And that’s why this is such a trap and a control mechanism in our society, whether it’s a conscious decision on behalf of the leaders or not. ) As a result of such mechanisms, people ultimately become serious prisoners to the church, and, ultimately, to society. People who subscribe to a Marxist belief could even, with good cause, take it a step further, and note that by forcing people to believe they are evil and greedy, they will not attempt to move up the ladder at work.

Another thing I was keenly aware of as a child was that the only reason I was a Christian was because my parents raised me as one. Of course, back then I considered myself lucky and fortunate. I do have to wonder, though, how many people really give much thought to the fact that they happened to be born to Christian parents, and if they had been born, for example, to Jewish parents, they would likely follow Judaism, and if they had been born to Muslim parents, they would likely follow Islam, and so on.

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