Cockatiel: Your Happy Healthy Pet by Julie Rach Mancini

By Julie Rach Mancini

Your satisfied fit PetThe authoritative info and recommendation you wish, illustrated all through with full-color photographs--now revised and redesigned to be much more reader-friendly!With a chirpy "voice" and quirky character, the cockatiel is the most well-liked spouse chicken. Cockatiels usually are not huge talkers, yet such a lot can whistle. This enjoyable consultant may also help you from the preliminary "get familiar" interval all through your bird's lifestyles with info on:* making a choice on a fit chicken* establishing a fit and stimulating domestic* Feeding, grooming, and veterinary care* the original behaviors of cockatiels* Getting babies and cockatiels to coexist peacefully* instructing your fowl to do tricksWith their fun antics, cockatiels supply dwell leisure and a welcome free up from daily tension. You supply right care, and they will offer nice companionship for years!

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However, some bird owners have reported that their pets have suffered foot abrasions with these perches, so if you choose to use them, watch your pet carefully for signs of sore feet (an inability to perch or climb; favoring a foot; or raw, sore skin on the feet). If your bird shows signs of lameness, remove the abrasive perches immediately and arrange for your avian veterinarian to examine her. No Sandpaper, Please To help your bird avoid foot problems, do not use sandpaper covers on her perches.

Refill the dish A color change doesn’t necessarily when necessary. indicate poor health. qxd 12/8/05 7:55 AM Page 43 Chapter 5 Everyday Care Cleaning the Cage Cage cleaning should be part of your weekly care routine. Here’s how to do it. • Remove your bird and all cage accessories before cleaning the cage. • Wipe off (or scrape off) old food from the cage bars and the corners of the cage. • Place the empty cage in the shower stall and turn on the shower. • • • • • Running hot water over the cage helps loosen stuck-on food and other debris.

Don’t be discouraged if your cockatiel doesn’t dive right in to a new food. Be patient, keep offering new foods to your bird, and praise her enthusiastically when she samples something new! It’s okay to offer your bird a treat now and then. Just use your common sense when you choose treat foods, and make sure the majority of your bird’s diet comes from the most nutritious foods. qxd 12/8/05 7:57 AM Page 58 Chapter 7 Grooming Your Cockatiel Y our cockatiel must be able to bathe regularly. He can do this himself—you just need to provide him with a suitable bath.

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