Coding Theory and Cryptography: From Enigma and by David Joyner

By David Joyner

Those are the court cases of the convention on Coding conception, Cryptography, and quantity conception held on the U.S. Naval Academy in the course of October 25-26, 1998. This publication matters straight forward and complicated elements of coding concept and cryptography. The coding idea contributions deal generally with algebraic coding concept. a few of these papers are expository, while others are the results of unique study. The emphasis is on geometric Goppa codes, yet there's additionally a paper on codes bobbing up from combinatorial buildings. There are either, historic and mathematical papers on cryptography. numerous of the contributions on cryptography describe the paintings performed by means of the British and their allies in the course of international warfare II to crack the German and jap ciphers. a few mathematical points of the Enigma rotor computing device and newer learn on quantum cryptography are defined. furthermore, there are papers desirous about the RSA cryptosystem and comparable number-theoretic concerns.

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Instead a new machine, the T52c, was produced which overcame some of the more obvious weaknesses of the earlier model. The T52c was studied by the Army cryptanalyst, Doering, 12 13 14 15 Message on the Army’s Merlin (Southern Europe) key, 19/2/43. Message on the Luftwaffe’s Red key, Nos. 322/4 and 387/7 of 6 March 1943. Naval message 14/6/43, 77, Mediterranean. 3”, 1 May 1946, A TICOM Publication released under the FOIA. Sturgeon 17 from OKH/Gen d Na (Oberkommando des Heeres/General der Nachrichten Aufkl¨ arung) in 1942.

They would later abandon the use of QEP numbers and use the QEP structure with ten bigrams that has already been presented in the previous section. It is not clear why this was considered a better procedure but it is possible it 10 11 Message on the Abwehr link Madrid–Paris, RSS 6713/2/43. Message on the Army’s Bullfinch II (Italy) key, 1735/18/2/43. 16 F. Weierud offered more flexibility in choosing messages keys than the previous method using QEP numbers. On 19 February, yet another message12 gave further instructions: 1.

This is shown in Fig. 11 where the permutation is generated by the transposition circuit used on the T52c and e models, and which used the connections: 1–2, 3–4, 5–6, 7–8 and 9–10. Sturgeon 0 / A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 3 4 8 9 + / E 4 O K 3 / N + Y U R C W X F B Q P J 9 Z I 8 L M H T D A V S G E 4 E + N J A K O P 9 D F T V C G H Y 3 U L S M Z 8 Q W R / X I B 4 1 9 U X R F S D V T 4 K J P O 3 M L W C E H A G Q B Z Y N I + / 8 9 2 3 J Z I E D S L M C A U G H 9 T V 8 4 F O K P + Y X B / R Q N W 3 T W D V B Z X R 9 P + 8 4 N M 3 I U G Y / Q C A F S E O L K H J T A / G F R 4 C B Q S 3 N Z 8 K + Y H D I W 9 X T V P L J E M U O A S I M J N 9 3 8 Z A C R Q B D X W L K / Y 4 + P O T H F U G E V S D R T U / 3 9 W X K 4 I + Y S Z 8 V A N B C Q G H M O E J P F L D Z L 3 8 O T M J S Q G V A F X D U I + H E P K 4 N 9 / B W C Y R Z I S 8 3 K U J M L / F D H G R V T Z N A P E O Y + W Q C 9 B 4 X I 3 R D W 9 A J U T V N E S O P I L M X / K G F H B Q 8 + 4 3 Y C Z R L Z J M + W 8 3 I H B X / C V R 9 S O Q 4 Y N E K U A G T F P D L N K Y 4 S F E P O R U A V T / H G + I D M J L 8 Z B X 9 C W 3 Q N H Q F G X Y B C / L 8 + I 3 O N 4 A V Z 9 W R U D E S M P J T K H O + E P Z B Y 4 N V W Q R 9 H / C K L X 3 8 I J S F D T G U M A O U 9 V D C I R X W E N 3 Y + J 8 Z T F 4 Q / B H G L P K S O A M U J 3 L S 4 R I Z 8 F / 9 B Q U W X M E C + N Y O P V G A D H K T J W T R X G L V D U Y O M E K 8 J S 9 B P A H F / C I 4 + Z N Q 3 W F C H A 9 N / Q B J I 4 8 Z E Y + G U 3 X R W V T O M S K L D P F Y P N + M H O K E W V G U D B F A 4 8 T S L J I 3 / 9 X Q R Z C Y B G / Q T O H A F 8 L P J S Y E K C W M D V U R 9 N 3 Z + I X 4 B C F Q / U K A H G 3 S E M L 4 P O B 9 J V D T X W + 8 I N Z R Y C P Y K O 8 Q + N 4 T X B 9 R G C / E M W I Z 3 S J A U V H D L F P G B A H W + Q / C M Z Y 3 I P 4 N F T 8 R X 9 D U K J L O S V E G M 8 S L Y X Z I 3 G Q W C / T 9 R J P B N + 4 K E D F H V A O U M K N P E I C 4 Y + D 9 / X W A Q B O S R 8 3 Z M L G V U F T J H K Q H C B V P G F A Z M O S J + K E / X L U T D 9 R 4 I 8 Y 3 W N Q 4 + O 4 Y L G P E K X T H D U Q A F N Z V J M S 3 I C R W B 9 8 / + 25 X V 9 W H M T U D + P L K E Z S J R Q O F G A C / 3 N Y 8 4 B I X V X U T Q 8 W 9 R O Y Z N 4 L I 3 D H + C B / F A J K P M E G S V 5 8 M I Z P V L S J B H T F A W U D 3 Y G K O E N 4 R C Q X / + 9 8 Figure12.

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