Colloquial Danish (Colloquial Series) by Kirsten Gade, W. Glyn Jones

By Kirsten Gade, W. Glyn Jones

This booklet was once too complex and didn't support out with pronounciation or conversing talents in any respect. it all started at a really excessive point of hassle, and did not support my sister (who was once going to Denmark for learn overseas) in any respect.

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Ja. – Værsgo. TOURIST: BANK CLERK: TOURIST: BANK CLERK: TOURIST: BANK CLERK: TOURIST: Can I cash a traveller’s cheque? Yes, have you got your passport with you? No, I’m afraid not. Your driving licence? Let me see. Yes, here is my driving licence. Fine. Would you sign here, please? Yes. – There you are. Extend your vocabulary 1 Danish numbers above twenty 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 1000 tyve tredive fyrre halvtreds tres halvfjerds firs halvfems (et) hundrede (et) tusind(e) 21 22 23 enogtyve (one and twenty) toogtyve (two and twenty) treogtyve (three and twenty) 38 49 otteogtredive (eight and thirty) niogfyrre (nine and forty) 200 3000 to hundrede tre tusind(e) en and et – meaning ‘one’ – are the same as the indefinite article and the only number to be affected by gender.

Skal jeg bede Anna ringe (tilbage)? Shall I ask Anna to ring (back)? Kan jeg give ham (en) besked? Can I give him a message? Vil De/du vente? Will you hang on? Lige et øjeblik! Just a moment! De/du har fået forkert nummer. You’ve got the wrong number. Det kaldte nummer er optaget. The number you’ve called is engaged. ; (c) give the number of the phone, and Danes normally give numbers in pairs: 58 65 46 02 = Otteoghalvtreds femogtres seksogfyrre nul-to Sometimes you’ll be answered by an automatic answering machine perhaps as follows: Tak fordi De ringede til Nordsøruten.

They are) here. How much are they today? Five for twenty kroner. We must also remember some apples. And the potatoes and the carrots. Yes, and onions. Can you see any walnuts? No, not here. NINA: PAMELA: NINA: Language point 1 Nouns, the plural indefinite Here are two nouns in the plural indefinite: There are apples and pears on the shelf. Most Danish nouns add -e, -r or -er to construct the plural indefinite. However, a fair number do not follow the rule. But help is at hand. Do you remember the first entry in the brackets informed you about gender?

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