Complete Book of Dog Training by Paul Loeb

By Paul Loeb

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He can help set an example, but you must do the teaching. On the other hand, another dog can be the main reason for disobedience on the part of your pet. as a distraction to the dog I am working with, so that the owner can be sure his pet will always respond, even when there are other dogs around. For example, I have the owner make his dog sit and stay, then I send Plum over to annoy him. The dog sees another of his own kind and naturally wants to be with him, but he must be taught to do what you want and not what he wants.

Anything they really cherished was confined to this do-free sanctuary. Friends and neighbors began touching on the subject, and finally one of the prisoners decided to fight back. When he reprimanded the animal for messing on the Oriental rug, the dog growled at him. He called the dog's bluff, the dog bit him, and he called his vet in a panic. The doctor told him to call me. He called and explained what had happened. I recognized the situation immediately and instructed him to leave the phone off the hook, go get the dog and firmly reprimand him.

A puppy quickly learns that you're bigger and stronger than he is, but once he's grown up, why does he fall in line at a slight tap with a rolled newspaper? Depending on his size, it may not even be painful, but it's the concept of your disfavor that undoes him. If he accepts you as his pack leader, his main drive, between periods of testing you, will be to do things that earn your approval. In the next chapter, we'll begin to explore precisely how he determines what's expected of him. Between Human and Dog Konrad Lorenz, who has unravelled the behavior patterns of jackdaws, geese, water shrews, and stickleback fish, was once baffled by his own dog!

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