Computability and Complexity: Essays Dedicated to Rodney G. by Adam Day, Michael Fellows, Noam Greenberg, Bakhadyr

By Adam Day, Michael Fellows, Noam Greenberg, Bakhadyr Khoussainov, Alexander Melnikov, Frances Rosamond

This Festschrift is released in honor of Rodney G. Downey, eminent truth seeker and machine scientist, surfer and Scottish kingdom dancer, at the social gathering of his sixtieth birthday.
The Festschrift includes papers and laudations that exhibit the vast and critical clinical, management and mentoring contributions made by way of Rod in the course of his exotic profession. the amount comprises forty two papers offering unique unpublished examine, or expository and survey ends up in Turing levels, computably enumerable units, computable algebra, computable version thought, algorithmic randomness, opposite arithmetic, and parameterized complexity, all components within which Rod Downey has had major pursuits and impression. the amount includes a number of surveys that make a number of the parts obtainable to non-specialists whereas additionally together with a few proofs that illustrate the flavour of the fields.

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