Conquering Ring Nerves: A Step-by-Step Program for All Dog by Diane Peters Mayer

By Diane Peters Mayer

Proven how you can triumph over functionality anxiety

Whether you are new to puppy activities or an skilled puppy handler, it truly is very common to event gentle to serious functionality nervousness in the course of festival. Now, with Conquering Ring Nerves, you could face and conquer your nervousness via an easy-to-follow, winning program.

No topic what is going on inside of or outdoor the hoop, Diane Peters Mayer indicates you the way to calm your self, remain concentrated, strengthen your vainness, and provides a blue-ribbon functionality. She makes use of a multidimensional technique built in the course of her years as a psychotherapist and nervousness professional, whole with workouts and methods tailored from such components as activities psychology, yoga, and actual health. you will find tips on how to flooring your self and compete out of your ""core"", and reap the benefits of fast rigidity busters and how you can loosen and energize your physique. full of confirmed easy methods to locate luck and feature enjoyable within the ring, Conquering Ring Nerves is your one-stop consultant to overcoming festival jitters and turning into the handler of your dreams.
* unearths the best way to in achieving top functionality stressed in all puppy activities, from agility, obedience, and affirmation to Rally-O, freestyle, and more
* beneficial properties illuminating, real-life ring nerves stories
* Explains find out how to cease being afraid, set pursuits, and achieve them
* features a education Diary to maintain your self on the right track in the course of education and competitions
* deals extra interpreting and assets lists to construct upon what you could have learned

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This human supercomputer consists of: • The brain stem (reptilian brain), where our “fight or flight” survival response is found, controls automatic functions such as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and functioning of internal organs for digestion, urination, etc. • The cerebellum has two hemispheres. It is located behind the brain stem and controls and regulates movement, posture and balance. • The cerebrum, the largest part of the brain, controls our higher functions, including thought, logic, language, voluntary movement and perception.

Paula was able to manage the pressure of competition due to the support of a large group of fellow competitors, and was consistently successful getting scores in the high 190s, and attaining her CDX with Cody. Paula’s real trouble began when she changed her training methods. She left her instructor and lost the support of her group. She became concerned that “everyone,” especially her old training pals, was judging her and her new methods. “I couldn’t concentrate at all in the ring, and lost touch with my dog as soon as my anxiety got bad.

Open the right nostril and begin again. 13. When you have inhaled and exhaled three times in each nostril (one repetition) take a breath through both nostrils. 14. Repeat the entire exercise for six repetitions, and relax. 15. Practice daily JANE’S PROGRESS Jane got back into competition. She entered shows that were as nonthreatening as possible, with no other goal in mind than to practice taking control of her ring nerves through conscious breathing. “It was a struggle to go into a competition with one goal, breathing, and ignore trying to get a perfect performance out of Goldie,” Jane says.

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