Constructing Early Modern Empires: Proprietary Ventures in by Roper, L.H. (ed.), Ruymbeke, B. Van (ed.), L. H. Roper, B.

By Roper, L.H. (ed.), Ruymbeke, B. Van (ed.), L. H. Roper, B. Van

Those essays on early sleek Atlantic empires give you the first finished remedy of this crucial automobile of imperial formation and colonial improvement.

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199. 21 Frédéric Mauro, “Existence et persistance d’un régime féodal ou seigneurial au Brésil,” in L’Abolition de la Féodalité, pp. 385–92. ” 30 mickaël augeron and laurent vidal hands of the grantees (or their representatives on the ground). Therefore, examination of the different territorial experiences (and especially their results in military matters) is required to draw conclusions in this regard. From Charter to Colony: The Challenge of the Brazilian Captaincy Once a captaincy was granted, months of preparations were generally required for the grantee to prepare his arrival in Brazil (or that of his representative).

26 Jorge de Figueiredo Correia, donatary captain of Ilhéus, departed in October 1535 with three nefs and 250 men (an estimated investment of more than 200,000 cruzados). Vasco Fernandes Coutinho (Espírito Santo) not only sold everything he owned, but also contracted debts in order to fit out a single ship. Pêro do Campo Tourinho (Porto Seguro) had to sell all his properties in Viana do Castelo to purchase two nefs and two caravels. Fernão Álvares de Andrade, Aires da Cunha, and João de Barros, who decided to combine their respective fortunes to launch a common expedition to colonize the northern captaincies, obtained fiscal advantages from the king (tax exemptions) and assistance in kind (agricultural implements, seeds and seedlings, arms and munitions).

Creating colonial brazil 41 or foreign incursions; it also had to be near sources of provisions for the population”34 (see map, p. 20). But if the povoado permitted the stabilization of the first core of colonists and ensured their security by organizing the population into militias, it did not benefit, on account of its status, from developed administrative structures, and it did not constitute an autonomous urban entity. It was a small establishment, not the seat of a municipality. 36 The vila was distinguished from its surroundings by the presence of characteristic monumental structures: the pillory ( pelourinho), the prison (cadéia), the chapel (capela), and the municipal chamber (câmara).

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