Converter Applications and their Influence on Large by Oliver Drubel

By Oliver Drubel

Converter pushed functions are utilized in additional and extra strategies. nearly any put in wind-farm, send drives, metal turbines, numerous boiler feed water pumps, extruder and plenty of different functions function even more effective and monetary in case of variable velocity suggestions. The boundary stipulations for a motor or generator will switch, whether it is provided by means of a converter. an electric computer, that is operated by way of a converter, can now not be considered as an self sustaining part, yet is embedded in a approach which includes converter and machine.

This e-book supplies an summary of present converter designs for big electric machines. tools for the precise calculation of computer phenomena, that are implied by means of converters are derived within the energy diversity above 500kVA. it really is proven how as a result of the converter inherent larger voltage harmonics and pulse frequencies specific phenomena are brought on contained in the computing device that are the cause of malfunction. it really is validated that extra losses create extra temperature raises or voltage peaks. The booklet describes how torque ripple can ensue, which endanger the mechanical shaft approach and final yet now not least shaft voltages are triggered, that are occasionally adequate in amplitude to break bearings or to disturb sensors of the security preparations.

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The boundaries are periodic in the traveling direction and the vector potential is set to zero at the other boundaries, where the field is negligible. The non-linear version of the solution determines a different permeability in each element of the pole according to the local flux density, and is based on the iterative Newton-Raphson algorithm. Before the iteration process commences a magnetization curve is prepared based on the assumption of sinusoidal field strength, H, and therefore non-sinusoidal flux density, B.

3. The totally different bars fulfill their tasks for a frequency below 100 Hz according to the standard machine theory. Hardly any eddy current effects occur below 1 Hz, which is the current frequency of the fundamental at rated operation, strong eddy current effects for frequencies up to 50 Hz help to increase the motor torque during direct on line starts. An interesting result can be seen in the frequency range, which is important for the evaluation of additional losses due to higher converter harmonics.

0%-99% Additional losses due to higher harmonics can be taken into account by a reduction of the machine performance up to 20% for converters with highly utilized, low pulse frequency power electronic elements and basic converter architecture. Multi-level converters allow for a very similar performance than for sinusoidal supply. 16. A deeper understanding of the individual phenomenon will not occur. Especially the consideration of capacitive effects, the plant design or the commutation of semi-conductive devices requires more sophisticated models.

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