Cretaceous Environments of Asia by Hakuyu Okada and Nlall J. Mateer (Eds.)

By Hakuyu Okada and Nlall J. Mateer (Eds.)

This publication offers a synthesis of the imperative environmental features of the Cretaceous in East and South Asia. The learn used to be finished below IGCP venture 350, which bargains with the organic, climatological and actual environments of this area through the Cretaceous. This synthesis discusses features of stratigraphy, sedimentology, paleontology, geochemistry, tectonics, petrology, mineralogy, and geophysics. The study effects are summarised through state, and comprise a long way East Russia, Mongolia, japanese China, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and India. even supposing those nations don't surround the total zone, this assurance presents an outstanding standpoint of the evolution of the sector through the Cretaceous. The files included during this booklet current a wealth of marine and nonmarine facts on weather, biotic variety, flow and chemistry of the sea in addition to basic plume tectonism. The latter looks to have prompted a lot of the environmental swap during this huge quarter, together with either an superior greenhouse impression and excessive sea degrees.

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In the early Santonian, marine biota was not much 24 diversed, but great differentiation in biota was noted during the second half of the Santonian (when global regression occurred) and in the Campanian. Various communities were associated with of different types, separated by island arcs. Inoceramids differ slightly both in the types of the seas and in the marginal seas they are accompanied by ammonites, mostly Pachidiscus, whereas in the oceanic shelf they are accompanied by radiolarians. Ammonites that migrated from the Tethys are widespread in many parts of the world, while inoceramids dominated the Santonian-Maastrichtian biota, and appear to be endemic in the Pacific paleobiogeographic realm [47].

SFm. ^ A O) Coaly Member * * c Koryak Fm. K "•0" Middle SFm. CO ^\ Marine Deposits Lower SFm. 1- IVIarine terrigenous deposits Lower SFm. CD CD CD o 1 Gomorechenskian Floristic Type A Rarytkin Floristic Type Q f Barykov ^^ra/fe/odon sp Inoceramid Prismatic Layer inoceramus pilvoensis 1 Fm. 11 Barykov Fm. 1 (7 Inoceramus ^ kushiroensis I Dinosaur remains (lambeosaurines, troodontids) Figure 13. Stratigraphic nomenclature and floristic changes in Late Cretaceous and Early Tertiary rocks of northeastern Russia, Ugolny Bay area (from Nessov and Golovneva [90]).

Nevertheless, isolated beds occur in some Lower Cretaceous seasonal glacial-marine deposits at high latitudes [105, 106]. In northern Eurasia the average annual temperature did not exceed 15° C during the Neocomian. Seasonal prevalence of climate is confirmed by paleobotanical investigations[101]. Phytogeography shows a more detailed pattern of the climatic zonality during the Cretaceous. Early Cretaceous vegetation of the Siberian-Canadian realm is related to that of the Late Jurassic. ) suggests a warm moderate climate [53].

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