Current practice of clinical electroencephalography by John S. Ebersole

By John S. Ebersole

The standard-setting medical electroencephalography textbook has been rewritten for the subsequent decade of EEG technicians and resident and training neurologists. This 3rd version displays the transition of the sector to an all-digital surroundings, with basic alterations in facts recording, research, and interpretation.

Drs. Ebersole and Pedley are extraordinary educators with huge event in enhancing of the top journals--Journal of medical Neurophysiology and Epilepsia, respectively. during this quantity, Ebersole and Pedley hide the total diversity of purposes of EEG and evoked potentials in modern medical perform. The publication explains the main complicated instrumentation and strategies and their use in comparing numerous issues. greater than six hundred illustrations depict either general and irregular findings.

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The capacitor serves to “smooth out” and delay the voltage pulse introduced into the circuit. It is evident then that capacitors can ser ve as resisti ve elements (resisting current flow), depending on ho w rapidly current is changing. Capacitors will “pass” alternating current (AC) and block direct (unidirectional) current (DC), after an initial cur rent flow when the DC is f irst applied. This “resistance” to cur rent flow is called capacitive reactance and is usually designated by Xc. Capacitive reactance is inversely proportional to the frequency of an AC and is in versely proportional to the capacitance of the capacitor.

The voltage across an inductor is propor tional to the deri vative, with regard to time, of the cur rent passing through it. The constant of proportionality is called the inductance. Inductance is measured in henr ys (H) and is conventionally designed by the letter L. Inductance has the same relationship to current that capacitance does to v oltage. It is governed by the equation dI V=L ᎏ dt A potential difference of 1 V placed across a 1-H inductance causes the current through it to increase at a rate of 1 A per second.

This chapter reviews principles of electricity and electronics relevant to EEG technology. New to this chapter is a re view of the basic technical principles underl ying digital EEG. Because of the increasing a vailability of low-cost microcomputers and digital electronic technolo gy, cumbersome banks of amplifiers and char t writers on w heels are rapidl y yielding w ay to por table, paperless personal computer–driven machines, some requiring no more than a notebook computer, a headbo x, and some cab ling.

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