Cyrano de Bergerac (Webster's Korean Thesaurus Edition) by Edmond Rostand

By Edmond Rostand

This version is written in English. despite the fact that, there's a operating Korean glossary on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of variants of Cyrano de Bergerac. This variation will be worthwhile if you happen to wo

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CYRANO: Belike you know not what a ballade is. THE VISCOUNT: But. . Korean ballade: 담시곡, 발라드. compose: 짓다, 구성하다, 조립하다, 조정하다, 작곡하다, 식자하다, 안치하다, 작문하다, 짜맞추다, 가다듬다, 쓰다. cramp: 경련, 속박하다, 비좁은, 갑갑한, 구속물, 경련을 일으키다, 꺾다, 급격한 복통, 꺾쇠, 압축된, 구두를 꿰는 구부정한 나무. extempore: 즉석의, 즉흥적, 즉석에서, 준비 없는, 준비 없이. flat-footed: 서투른, 편평족의, 단호한. idleness: 무위, 게으름, 태만, 놀고지냄. presto: 빠른, 번개같이, 빠르게, 빠른곡, 빨리, 재빠른, 곧, 급한, 프레스토 악절, 프레스토 악장, 매우 빠른. remnant: 나머지, 유물, 자투리, 찌꺼기, 잔존물, 지스러기, 잔여, 나머지 의, 유풍, 자취, 끄트러기. scoundrel: 악당, 깡패, 건달의.

Hungry: 갈망하는, 배고픈, 공복의, 굶주린, 메마른, 몹시 원하는, 불모의, 식욕을 일으키는. mar: 망쳐놓다, 손상시키다, 흠내다, 번지 레지스터, 흠을 내다. placing: 자본 매출. ravenous: 굶주린, 게걸든, 게걸스럽게 먹는, 탐욕스런, 마구 먹어대는. would-be: 이 되려고 하는. Cyrano de Bergerac 38 CYRANO: Enough! I am o'erjoyed! LE BRET: But these strange ways, Explain Your system--come! CYRANO: I in a labyrinth took. % Where will they lead you, at the end? Was lost--too many different paths to choose; I LE BRET: Which? CYRANO: Oh! by far the simplest path. . Decided to be admirable in all! LE BRET [shrugging his shoulders]: So be it!

Shameful! You deprive us Of the CYRANO [turning his chair toward the burgher, respectfully]: Old mule! The verses of old Baro are not worth A doit! I'm glad to interrupt. . THE PRECIEUSES [in the boxes]: venture!. . -- My dear! How dares he CYRANO [turning his chair toward the boxes gallantly]: Fairest ones, Radiate, bloom, hold to our lips the cup Of dreams intoxicating, Hebe-like! Or, when death strikes, charm death with your sweet smiles; Inspire our verse, but--criticise it not! BELLEROSE: We must give back the entrance fees!

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