Dachshunds Are the Best! (The Best Dogs Ever) by Elaine Landau

By Elaine Landau

The simplest canine Ever takes a fan-club method of introducing the features and heritage of alternative puppy breeds, letting readers recognize what precise positive aspects make their favourite breed the easiest.

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Learn more about dachshunds in this fun and colorful title. Landau, Elaine. Your Pet Dog. Rev. ed. New York: Children’s Press, 2007. This book is a good guide for young people on choosing and caring for a dog. Lunis, Natalie. Dachshund: The Hot Dogger. New York: Bearport, 2009. ” Stone, Lynn M. Dachshunds. Vero Beach, FL: Rourke, 2003. Stone offers an interesting introduction to dachshunds. org Visit this website to find a complete listing of AKC-registered dog breeds, including the dachshund. The site also features fun printable activities for kids.

Jumping from this height can badly injure a dachshund’s back. Many pet stores sell special steps to help short dogs get up and down. Make sure your dachsie has some. Steps like these are specially designed to help little dogs climb up and down. 28 A True Friend Your dachsie will be a true friend. You can count on your dog to be loyal. Make sure your dog can count on you too. Your dachshund is not just a plaything. It has needs and feelings. You must feed and walk your dog even when you are busy or tired.

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