Data Structures with Java by John Hubbard

By John Hubbard

You can atone for the most recent advancements within the #1, fastest-growing programming language on this planet with this totally up to date Schaum's consultant. Schaum's define of information buildings with Java has been revised to mirror all fresh advances and adjustments within the language.

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6 Write and test this method: boolean isSorted(int[] a) // returns true iff a[0] <= a[1] <= ... 18 Write and test this method: int[][] pascal(int size) // returns Pascal’s triangle of the given size CHAP. 19 The Sieve of Eratosthenes is an array of boolean elements whose ith element is true if and only if i is a prime number. ) 1. Initialize p[0] and p[1] to be false, and all other p[i] to be true. 2. Repeat step 3 for each i from 3 to n, incrementing by 2. 3. If there is a prime d the square root of i that divides i, set p[i] false.

Otherwise, the loop terminates when hi < lo; that is, when the subsequence is empty. In that case we know by the loop invariant that si is not in the original sequence. CHAP. 2] ARRAYS 33 The binary search runs in O(lgn) time. This means that, on average, the running time is proportional to the logarithm of the number of elements in the array. So if everything else is the same, if it takes an average of T milliseconds to run on an array of n elements, then will take an average of 2T milliseconds to run on an array of n 2 elements.

20 Polymorphism describes the way an object or variable may be treated in different contexts as though it has a different type. For example, inheritance allows an argument of type B to be passed to a parameter of type A if B extends A. 2 public interface Line { public boolean contains(Point point); public boolean equals(Object object); public boolean isHorizontal(); public boolean isVertical(); public double slope(); public String toString(); public double xIntercept(); public double yIntercept(); } CHAP.

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