Death—and After? by Annie Besant

By Annie Besant

Who doesn't consider the tale of the Christian missionary in Britain, sitting one night within the gigantic corridor of a Saxon king, surrounded through his thanes, having come thither to evangelise the gospel of his grasp; and as he stated lifestyles and loss of life and immortality, a poultry flew in via an unglazed window, turned around the corridor in its flight, and flew out once again into the darkness of the evening. The Christian priest bade the king see within the flight of the chicken in the corridor the transitory lifetime of guy, and claimed for his religion that it confirmed the soul, in passing from the corridor of existence, winging its means no longer into the darkness of evening, yet into the sunlit radiance of a extra wonderful international. Out of the darkness, during the open window of beginning, the lifetime of a guy involves the earth; it dwells for it slow ahead of our eyes; into the darkness, in the course of the open window of dying, it vanishes out of our sight. And guy has puzzled ever of faith, Whence comes it? Whither is going it? and the solutions have assorted with the faiths. [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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These often communicate with Their disciples, without using the ordinary methods of communication, and when any tie exists, perchance from some past incarnation, between an Adept and a medium, constituting that medium a disciple, a message from the Adept might readily be mistaken for a message from a "Spirit". The receipt of such messages by precipitated writing or spoken words is within the knowledge of some. (f) From the medium's Higher Ego. Where a pure and earnest man or woman is striving after the light, this upward striving is met by a downward reaching of the higher nature, and light from the higher streams downward, illuminating the lower consciousness.

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