Democritus and the Sources of Greek Anthropology by Thomas Cole

By Thomas Cole

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Fulmen detulit in terram mortalibus ignem. . et ramosa tamen cum ventis pulsa vacillans / aestuat in ramos incumbens arboris arbor, / exprimitur validis extritus viribus ignis, / et micat interdum flammai fervidus ardor / mutua dum inter se rami stirpesque teruntur, / quorum utrumque dedisse potest mortalibus ignem. (D) inde cibum coquere ac flammae mollire vapore / sol docuit, quoniam mitescere multa videbant / verberibus radiorum atque aestu victa per agros. 1092-1104) A PATTERN OF PREHISTORY 3I T h i s stage b r i n g s w i t h i t fire, c l o t h i n g , a m o r e s a t i s f a c t o r y f o r m o f shelter, a n d t h e d i s c o v e r y a n d p r e p a r a t i o n o f g r a i n .

7) γείραντες εν τοΐς σπη- λαίοις εναπετίθεντο και τούτοις ετρεφοντο δι ολου ενιαυτοΰ. (138-1-4) T h e s e p a r a t i o n b e t w e e n Stage 2 a n d Stage 1 is n o t so c l e a r i n L u c r e t i u s as i t is i n D i o d o r u s a n d Tzetzes. B u t t h e denique nota o f 9 4 8 a n d t h e coacti o f 957 at least i m p l y t h a t h e r e , as i n D i o d o r u s a n d T z e t z e s , t h e silvestria templa are places i n w h i c h m a n m u s t l e a r n , o r be f o r c e d , t o t a k e shelter.

A ) Invention of houses, (B) clothing, ( C ) fire, and ( D ) grain and its method of preparation. VITRUVIUS POSIDONIUS ( A ) [ I n the initial human aggregation] coeperunt . . alii de fronde facere tecta, alii speluncas fodere sub montibus, nonnulli hirundinum nidos . . imitantes de luto et virgulis facere loca quae subirent. ( A ) [Philosophy taught the men who were initially] casis cavis tectos aut aliqua rupe suffossa aut exesae arboris trunco tecta moliri. 7) LUCRETIUS ( A ) inde casas postquam (34-6-9) (B) ac pellis DIODORUS (C) quodam in loco ab tempestatibus et ventis densae crebritatibus arbores agitatae et inter se ramos terentes ignem excitaverunt.

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