Dentistry in Rabbits and Rodents by Estella Böhmer

By Estella Böhmer

Dentistry in Rabbits and Rodents is a realistic consultant aimed toward assisting clinicians effectively diagnose and deal with dental difficulties in rabbits and rodents inside their very own surgical procedures. With over two-thirds of small mammals featuring with teeth similar difficulties, there's nice strength to reinforce the remedy provided to the proprietors of those species. concentrating on leading edge diagnostics utilizing general radiographic machines in addition to particular positioning recommendations, radiographs are offered with regard traces and precise annotations. Richly illustrated with prime quality photos, pathological findings are defined earlier than choice of acceptable treatment and remedy is discussed.

Key positive aspects include:

  • Covers the dental anatomy and body structure of all small mammal species mostly stored as pets.
  • Intraoral radiography and leading edge positioning for imaging the guinea pig and chinchilla dentitions are defined, allowing the practitioner to imagine every one teeth in detail.
  • Once a prognosis has been reached, collection of diverse remedies and the benefits and drawbacks of every surgical procedure are discussed.
  • Offers priceless directives for imminent and treating dental sickness with out the necessity for referral to a consultant or using pricey equipment.

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Finally tooth growth will cease entirely (Harcourt-Brown, 2002a). 1. 1 General The lagomorphs comprise two families: the Leporidae (rabbits and hares) and the Ochotonidae (pikas). 2. A typical feature of both families is a third pair of upper incisors, which remains small and is positioned behind the maxillary incisors: the so-called peg teeth. It is due to these additional teeth that the order of the lagomorphs is also called Duplicidentata. The two mandibles are firmly connected to each other via a bony symphysis.

The two mandibles are firmly connected to each other via a bony symphysis. The oral cavity is very narrow and elongated, and the tongue is massive and has a distinct torus linguae. Lagomorphs have a split upper lip, a long, toothless diastema and a heterodont dentition with hypselodont, lophodont molars. Both the incisors and the cheek teeth are white as their enamel does not contain pigments. e. 5 in Chapter 2). As a consequence of this, only the teeth of one jaw will occlude immediately with each other at a given point in time during the grinding of food.

The typical chewing movement seems to be largely independent of the kind of food, but the chewing pressure rises proportionally to the hardness of the food. 5). Consequently, the maxillary cheek teeth will be curved buccally. A simultaneous rostrodistal shift of the mandible is prevented by the exact laterolateral movement of the jaws (HarcourtBrown, 2002a; Crossley & Aiken, 2004). Classification and Anatomical Characteristics of the Lagomorphs and Rodents 23 In rabbits, the roughness of the molar occlusal surface is maintained by the regular attrition (Harcourt-Brown, 2002a).

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