Destiny, the Inward Quest, Temporality and Life (Analecta

“There is not any larger present to guy than to appreciate not anything of his fate”, broadcasts poet-philosopher Paul Valery. And but the looking out person seeks without end to disentangle the networks of reviews, wants, inward promptings, own pursuits, and increased strivings which directed his/her life-course inside altering conditions on the way to become aware of his feel of lifestyles. Literature seeks in different channels of perception the dominant threads of “the feel of life”, “the inward quest”, “the frames of experience” in attaining the inward resources of what we name ‘destiny’ encouraged by way of adventure and temporality which hold it on. This strange assortment unearths the deeper generative parts which shape feel of lifestyles stretching among future and doom. They get away cognizance of their metamorphic changes of the inexorable, irreversibility of time which undergoes various interpretations within the levels analyzing our lifestyles. Our key to existence should be ever found anew.

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They either always were, or they sprang instantaneously into being by a sudden fiat like the drill of a company of soldiers. This makes the laws of nature absolutely blind and inexplicable. Their why and wherefore can’t be asked. This absolutely blocks the road of inquiry. The fallibilist won’t do this. 175) It would appear that eventually Peirce became convinced even further of the intimate connection between the idea of evolution and explanation. “Evolution is the postulate of logic, itself; for what is an explanation but the adoption of a simpler supposition to account for a complex state of things” (W4, 547).

A system which always performs or consumes the same amount of work in passing from one given configuration to another, by whatever path or with whatever velocities it passes from one to the other. The doctrine of the conservation of energy is that the universe is a conservative system. ” (C, 1809) Because Peirce interpreted the law of the conservation of energy in the way he did, his objection to its elevation to the status of a doctrine should be obvious. Such an assumption about the physical world implies that all actions within it should be reversible, but obviously they are not.

C2: A process is reversible if it can be reversed (conceptually in 39 40 Peirce’s Scientific Metaphysics time) by reversing the motion variables. Or we may say that the process is reversible if it can be reversed by reversing time. C3: A process is reversible if the process and its reverse both occur naturally. Here C1 and C3 are relevant to the reversibility of physical processes, while C2 captures the idea behind the time-reversal invariance of equations. C1 captures the sense of reversibility that so often comes up in discussions of Carnot cycles and equilibrium thermodynamics.

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