Dewey decimal classification and relative index by Melvil Dewey

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Dewey decimal category and relative index

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Dewey decimal classification and relative index

Dewey decimal class and relative index

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1 Tl—011 System vs. 21 vs. 2 For artificial intelligence, See Manual at 003. 52 vs. 3 629. 7, . 3822 ,56 vs. 003. 7 Large-scale systems Many general works on systems treat predominately large-scale systems. 0999 for computer law; 364. 8 for computer games See Manual at 004-006 vs. 39; 004 vs. 005; 510, Tl—0151 vs. 01-. 16 Digital computers Class comprehensive works in 004 See Manual at 004. 1 1-004. 11-004. 16 . Digital 1 mainframe computers Class here large-scale digital computers For supercomputers, see 004.

3 vs. 004. 6; 621 382 . vs. 748 See also 005. 5 for word processing See Manual at 004 vs. 6 For programming for See Manual at 005. 101 specific types 1 vs. 3; 005. 1 vs. 1 programming See also 005. 131 for the symbolic (mathematical) logic of programming languages See Manual at 005. 1 [. 16 15 Dewey Decimal 005 . Special 1 005 Classification programming techniques See Manual at 005. 113 Structured programming . 120 28 Auxiliary techniques and procedures; apparatus, equipment, materials Example: use of flow-charting and flow charts as aids in program design See also 005.

11-004. , Apple II® . 65 For database design and architecture, see 005. 4032 for management use of systems analysis See Manual at 004. 22 Computer 003; 004. 21 vs. 004. 392 vs. architecture See Manual at 004. 24 004. 392 vs. 6 for computer communications networks, 005. 56 See also 005. 36 for distributed processing See Manual at 004. 6; 004. 6 vs. 005. 71 ; 384. 3 vs. 004. 6; 621 382 . vs. 748 See also 005. 5 for word processing See Manual at 004 vs. 6 For programming for See Manual at 005. 101 specific types 1 vs.

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