Dictionary of Arabic and Allied loanwords: Spanish, by Frederico Corriente

By Frederico Corriente

A survey of Arabic and allied loanwords in Western languages is a primary device to asses the impression of Islamic elements within the emergence and heritage of Western civilization. The Romance languages of the Iberian Peninsula are in a terrific place for this sort of study, contemplating the size and power of Muslim states on its soil.

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Pt. alvaiade vs. Cs. albayalde "ceruse"

Jabalf and Arag. charapote "concoction", vs. Cs. jarabe "syrup"< And . ~arab. At times, there are exceptional cases like the botanic technical term Cs. and Ct. cuscuta "common dodder" a bookishly transmitted item in which, the Ar. Ill of kulul/lii7 is reflected with >sc<, as it was customary in Lit. translations and transcriptions, before that digraph merged to become a more fashionable >X<. 4. In the palato-velar point of articulation, proto-Ar. , lgl y /q/, 3 s which was broken when the voiced member 38 This statement, although clear-cut and diachronically correct, is questionable since /q/had previously been glottalized and as such was representative in the triads of that manner of articulation, but when velarization or pharyngealization substituted for glottalization, /q/ was no longer synchronically assignable as the velarized member of a triad characteristically articulated in the velar zone.

And Pt. alm6far "mail headcover under the helmet" < And. Ar. migjar, and Anz. almazaque "weeding hoe"< And. Ar. mifzaq, Cs. marfega =Pt. Ar. , which in these poems is simply adapted to native prosody, according to Corriente 1980a and other surveys up to 1997a. This interpretation was never accepted, for personal reasons rather than of method, by that nevertheless distinguished pioneer in this realm, stubbornly proclaiming against all evidence that it was a genuinely Hispanic metrical system. 49 This stress position, documented in Alcala only, but for the spelling >dynr<, coinciding with his dinar "dinar", frequent in And.

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