Dictionary of Information and Library Management by A & C Black Publishers

By A & C Black Publishers

This complete dictionary covers all features of librarianship and data and data administration. Designed to equip the trainee librarian or details administration pupil with center terminology, this absolutely revised variation contains millions of phrases attached with details administration, category, cataloguing and digital wisdom management.Handy vitamins contain facts correcting marks, category structures, e-book prizes and awards, details talents, and a listing of key assets on the internet.

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Centralised / sentrəlazd/, centralized adjective placed in the middle, centralised often as the most important or controlling feature centralised copying / sentrəlazd kɒpiŋ/ noun a service for all users located in a central position centralised copying centralised centralised purchasing / sentrəlazd purchasing p tʃsŋ/ noun the method of buying everything needed for an organisation through a central purchasing office centralised centralised records storage records storage / sentrəlazd rekɔ dz stɔ rd / noun a system used by organisations by which records are stored in a central unit but can be accessed by all members of the organisation central processing unit / sentrəl prəυsesŋ ju nt/ noun the circuits which form the main part of a computer.

Used at the ends of letters, memos and reports to indicate that an identical copy has been sent to the named people 2. a feature of electronic mail software that allows you to send a copy of a message to another user. ı cc blind carbon copy ̈ full form carbon copy cc2 / si si / abbreviation in Internet cc addresses, the top-level domain for Cocos Islands CCTV abbreviation closed circuit television cd abbreviation in Internet addresses, the top-level domain for Democratic Republic of the Congo CD abbreviation compact disc CD burner / si di b nə/ noun COMPUT same as CD writer CD-I / si di a/ noun a compact disc with electronic information that can be changed by the user.

A colour magazine that comes with a weekend newspaper 2. a section of coloured illustrations in the centre of a book or magazine, often removable column / kɒləm/ noun 1. a vertical section of writing in a book, newspaper or magazine 2. fm Page 39 Monday, March 6, 2006 4:04 PM 39 columnist / kɒləmnst/ noun a jourcolumnist nalist who writes a regular column for a newspaper or magazine com abbreviation in Internet addresses, the top-level domain for commercial organisations combination lock / kɒmb neʃ(ə)n lɒk/ noun a lock which can be opened using a pre-set order of numbers combination ordering / kɒmb neʃ(ə)n ɔ dərŋ/ noun a system whereby several departments join together to order items combination storage / kɒmb neʃ(ə)n stɔ rd / noun a system whereby several departments use communal storage facilities come into force / k m ntυ fɔ s/ verb (of a law) to become active or valid comic / kɒmks/ noun 1.

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