Dictionary of Language Games, Puzzles, and Amusements by Harry E. Eiss

By Harry E. Eiss

All through recorded historical past, mankind has became to language play as a resource of leisure and highbrow stimulation. This detailed new reference presents entire listings and explainations, including samples and ancient details, in regards to the hundreds of thousands of letter and note video games, puzzles, and linguistic entertainments that enhance our cultural existence.

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Holt, 1992:53) In pursuing a reformist, humanitarian agenda that challenged both aristocratic arrogance and working-class presumption, the trans-imperial British bourgeoisie were simultaneously clarifying 'who was most fit to rule, at home and abroad' (Stoler and Cooper, 1997:3). HUMANITARIANS IN THE CAPE Dr John Philip, superintendent of the London Missionary Society, articulated humanitarian discourse most consistently and eloquently in the early nineteenthcentury Cape Colony. John Fairbairn, Philip's son-in-law and the editor of a liberal Cape Town newspaper, was his most influential ally.

As well as suggesting that impersonal colonial discourses were constructed through multidirectional flows of knowledge and representation, the chapter also aims to highlight the agency that individuals - largely middle-class men - exercised in facilitating these flows and in constructing the networks along which they moved. The main assertion of the chapter is that metropolitan notions of class were inflected by colonial representations of race, as well as vice versa. However, the underlying message is that if one is to comprehend the construction of metropolitan and colonial forms of oppression and discrimination in general, then the binary and hierarchical division between metropolitan and colonial spaces, discourses and practices, which is so often reproduced in accounts of the colonial and postcolonial world, has to be upset.

Subsequently (and despite Lipietz, 1987) imperial and colonial relations have tended to remain relative blind spots within the otherwise vibrant literatures on capitalist regulation. Yet work influenced by regulation theories has indicated how the contemporary system of transnational power might be thought of as manifesting itself as a kind of phantom state (Thrift and Leyshon, 1994) of global governance constituted out of the nexus between powers of multinational companies and international finance and the core formal regulatory structures, notably the IMF and the World Bank.

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